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Explore Camden while studying at a London language school

camden market


One of the key benefits of learning English at a centrally located London language school, such as Bloomsbury International, is that you’ll have the opportunity to explore large parts of central London. London is a diverse and exciting city, and each area (called a ‘borough’) has its  own unique characteristics and attractions. Bloomsbury International is centrally located in the capital city in a borough called Camden.

Camden is a fantastic area to explore while you’re studying at our London language school. Some of the key attractions in the Camden area include the following:

  • The British Library, the second biggest library in the world
  • Camden Market, a very popular market with local people which sells crafts, clothing, antiques and street food
  • The British Museum, a museum dedicated to human history, art and culture
  • Various theatres including Bloomsbury Theatre and the Shaftesbury Theatre
  • London Zoo, the world’s oldest scientific zoo
  • St Pancras station, which features an imposing Gothic building that was recently restored
  • and many more.

So if you’d like to have easy access to all these Camden attractions while you’re studying at a London language school, then why not choose Bloomsbury International? Not only will you benefit from the best in English language teaching and student support, but you’ll also have all these places of interest right on your doorstep.

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