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Learn English to Boost Your Career Prospects

How learning English can boost your career prospects

Each year, thousands and thousands of people come to the UK to learn English in London. For many of these students, learning English is seen as a route to enhanced career prospects in the longer term.

Learning English to Boost Your Career Prospects, business meeting, brainstormingWhy could learning English improve your career?

There are many ways in which learning English can provide a real boost to your career prospects, including the following:

  • you could learn the skills necessary to begin or advance a career in an industry where English is a required language, such as aviation
  • if you work in an international industry, having English language skills could mean you have the opportunity to travel or even live in different countries
  • proficiency in the English language could get you ahead of other candidates when you’re applying for a new job or a promotion
  • being able to show you’ve learned a foreign language like English will help employers see you’re dedicated and have aptitude
  • speaking English opens up a wide range of new opportunities both in your career and in your personal life
  • learning English at a London language school will give you countless opportunities to put your new-found skills into practice with native speakers, perhaps even in a workplace environment.

Choosing the right career-boosting English course

Once you’ve decided that you want to learn English in order to enhance your career prospects, the next step is to choose a course at a London language school. It’s important to make this choice carefully and pick a course that will help you develop skills and knowledge that are appropriate to your career. Business men and women character vector

Some of the options you could consider include:

  • Business English: where you can learn the language, customs and practice of doing business in English.
  • Aviation English: helping you to develop a knowledge of the technical terms and vocabulary necessary for a career as a pilot or an air traffic controller.
  • Medical English: this can be an ideal course for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who want to develop the skills necessary to work in an English-speaking country.
  • Financial English: if you work in banking or finance, then taking a financial English course could open up new opportunities for you to travel or even relocate internationally, as well as being able to work more closely with your colleagues and associates overseas.
  • Teaching English: whether you already teach English or you want to become an English teacher, you could choose a course that will help you use your existing English language skills to help other people improve theirs.
  • English for other professional purposes: if you can’t find a London language school offering a course in your career field, don’t assume they can’t offer it. It may be possible to arrange a one-to-one course that’s completely tailored to your career field and ambitions.

Each of these courses will be tailored to help you understand the vocabulary needed for your career field, as well as the contexts and scenarios in which this vocabulary is used. So you’ll benefit from interactive teaching that includes role playing, authentic study texts, work scenarios and maybe even practical work experience.

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