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Learning English Online – A Good Idea?

Learning English online

Today we’re going to discuss learning English Online. Learning English when funds are limited can be difficult – if you think it would be a struggle to pay for face-to-face English lessons or even to come to London to learn English, then no one would blame you for looking into one of the many online English courses that has appeared on the World Wide Web.

How an online English course workslearn english online

Online English courses are all different, but a typical study programme will offer tuition and learning support in many different ways, including:

  • ‘lessons’ which may be delivered in writing or audio
  • worksheets to help you consolidate your learning, which you can fill in online or print out
  • quizzes, which are marked instantly
  • sometimes, social networks, so you can discuss your learning with other students
  • with some online courses, some real-time help and support from a tutor over the internet.

Benefits and drawbacks of an online English course

Some of the advantages of learning English online include:

  • it’s generally much cheaper than taking a taught course
  • you can learn at your own pace, and at times to suit you
  • you can pick and choose what you want to learn

However, learning English online does have its drawbacks, and it’s important you consider these carefully. Think about whether you’ll really meet your goals if the only place you learn English is online. Some of the drawbacks could include:

  • you won’t have as many chances to interact with expert tutors and native English speakersStudents learning English in London
  • you’ll miss out on the camaraderie and friendship that you’d get in a class on a taught course
  • you won’t usually have anyone to help you with your pronunciation and speaking skills
  • you probably won’t get a recognised English language qualification at the end of the course
  • with so many online English courses available on the market, it can be very difficult to know if the one you’ve chosen represents high-quality teaching
  • for real confidence and fluency in a language, there really is no substitute for learning English in the UK, where you can immerse yourself in British life and be surrounded by opportunities to talk to native speakers all day


You also need to consider why you want to improve your English skills – if you think it will help you to gain promotion opportunities at work, for example, then this is more likely to be the case if you gain an internationally recognised qualification from a renowned London English language school, rather than a certificate you’ve printed from the internet! While a course to learn English in London may be more expensive, it could actually represent a better investment of your time and money.

To conclude…

In summary then, it would seem there’s no real substitute for learning English in London if you really want to reap the benefits to interacting with native speakers and getting personalised support. However, as a supplement to your learning, or to get you started learning English while you save up for a taught course, then an online English course could perhaps be worth looking into.

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