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Happy New Year – 5 New Year’s resolutions

Christmas is over and if you were in London for the days that followed it, you’ll no doubt have seen various New Year celebrations taking place around the city. The fireworks in central London are always a particular highlight of New Year, and you’ve probably heard people wishing each other a “Happy New Year”.


A common British tradition at New Year is to make “New Year’s resolutions”. These are promises that you make to yourself about something you’ll do differently in the year ahead. New Year’s resolutions are often something like getting fitter, eating more healthily or getting a promotion at work – however, this year could be a good time to make some New Year’s resolutions about your English language studies.
Here are five New Year’s resolutions that could help make 2016 the year you achieve your English language goals:


  1. Be more confident using English in your daily life

The very best way to improve your English conversation skills is to have English conversations! So a good new year’s resolution is to take advantage of every opportunity to have a conversation with a native English speaker. So whether you’re out shopping, on public transport or taking part in a social event, don’t be shy – seize the chance to practise your conversation skills with the people around you.


  1. Use English with your housemates

If you’re living in a student residence or shared flat, then why not resolve to make a greater effort to use English when speaking to the people who live with you, even if you share the same native language? This will help to ensure you all learn together.


  1. Ask questions

If you hear, read or see something you don’t understand, either in your English lessons or when you’re going about your daily life, then be sure to ask your teacher what it means. After all, your tutor is here to help you, and you should be making every effort to get the most out of all the learning opportunities around you


  1. Write things down

Many English students find it very helpful to have a notebook where they can jot down any new expressions they learn or things they hear, so they can find out more about them and practise them later. This can be a great way to consolidate your learning, so why not consider doing the same?


  1. Get out of London

Many English language students spend all their time in the UK in London. While that’s great, it’s a real shame not to see more of the culture and scenery of the UK while you’re here. There are fantastic day trips you can make to places like the Kent Coast, the Cotswolds or you could even go further afield for a few days to Scotland or Devon. Wherever you go, it’s likely to be a fantastic opportunity to see a different side of UK life and practise your English conversation skills in a different setting.


These are our top five New Year’s resolutions – do you have any to add?

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