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Thinking of enrolling your child on a London language course?

One of the most exciting and enriching ways your child can improve their English language skills is through taking a course in London. While this can represent a significant investment, it’s likely that your child will reap all the benefits of improved language skills and increased confidence.

Of course, choosing to let your child study overseas can be a nerve-wracking decision, and you may be concerned for their welfare. It’s vital to choose a London language school that you’re confident will look after your child at all times. In order to be sure you’ve chosen a reputable and safe London language school for your child, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • is there a child safeguarding policy in place? Ask to see it.
  • does the London language school have a designated child protection officer?
  • are all the college’s staff properly vetted?
  • are accommodation providers fully checked and vetted?

Choosing the right course for your child

London language schools offer a range of different courses for younger learners, so you should be able to easily find one that suits your child’s abilities and learning preferences. Here are just some of the options they could choose from:

Parent and child courses: if you want to learn English together, this could be a great option. You’ll spend time with adult learners while your child joins a group English course with other young people, but will also have the opportunities to practise your skills and enjoy all the benefits of London together.

Summer schools: for slightly older children, you might consider a summer school lasting several weeks, where they’ll live in London and learn English with a group of other young people. This will be balanced with a social programme involving trips and activities, giving your child the opportunity to see some of London’s best attractions with their new friends.

English and football: for the sport-loving child, where better to learn English and improve your football skills than in London? At Bloomsbury International we offer this course in partnership with one of England’s top football training academies, where they’ll be coached by FA-qualified staff. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime for your child.

Where will your child stay?

One of the biggest questions you’ll have will be around where your child will stay while they’re studying in London. Of course, you could travel to London too and arrange accommodation together. However, for many young people, one of the biggest benefits of studying English in London is staying independently from you in the school’s accommodation. This could be a homestay, where they stay with a local family, or in a student residence, where they’ll share accommodation with other young students. Whatever you choose, you can be sure with Bloomsbury International that their accommodation will be safe, secure and run under the guidance of a guardian or host who will ensure your child’s welfare is looked after at all times.

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