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Making the most of your London language school’s social programme


English school LondonOne of the biggest benefits of learning English at a language school like Bloomsbury International is that you’ll get the chance to experience a vibrant programme of social activities in addition to your studies.


Social activities can be a fantastic way to enhance your time in London, because:

  • you’ll get to see more of British life and culture
  • it gives you the opportunity to practise your English skills with native speakers in all kinds of real-life situations
  • it’ll give you more chances to make friends amongst your fellow students
  • they can provide you with a refreshing and invigorating break from your studies.


What kinds of social activities can you expect?

A London language college like Bloomsbury International offers a wide range of social activities, meaning there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Some of the activities or trips you might be able to get involved in could include:

  • trips to the theatre or cinema
  • visiting an exhibition or tourist attraction in London
  • playing football or other sports
  • attending a sporting event, such as the rugby at Twickenham
  • a meal in a local restaurant
  • an evening in a nightclub or bar
  • a longer trip to a tourist attraction outside London, such as a day at Chatham Dockyard or even a weekend in Oxford.


The cost of these activities will vary according to the activity, but you may also be able to take part in free or heavily discounted trips, such as a walking tour or a visit to one of London’s famous markets. The more trips and activities you try, the more you’ll benefit from your time in London.


Tips for making the most of your social activities

In order to get the most out of your social activities with your London language school friends, follow these simple tips:

  • check whether you need a travel card or spending money beforehand
  • make sure your mobile phone battery is charged and you have credit on it
  • turn up on time
  • listen to and follow all the rules set out by the activity leader – be sure to ask if you have any questions
  • tell your activity leader if there’s anything in particular you want to see or do during the trip
  • look out for each other – tell the activity leader if you think someone is missing
  • if you’re in a museum, gallery or theatre, be sure to be quiet
  • take every opportunity to interact with your fellow students or with the English speakers you meet during the trip or activity
  • have fun!

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