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Studying at a London language school – things to do in your spare time

London Bridge

If you’re coming to London to learn English, then of course a large proportion of your time will be dedicated to attending classes and studying. However, in order to really get the most out of your time at a London language school, it’s important to take time out to enjoy some of the fantastic attractions that the UK’s capital city has to offer. London is such a diverse and cosmopolitan city that it really does have something for everyone, so it would be a shame to miss out on everything it has to offer.


Of course, by visiting some of the attractions in London, you’ll also find plenty of opportunities to improve your English language skills, as you interact with the staff, volunteers and other customers you meet along the way. Even using public transport to get to the venue of your day out will bring opportunities for you to practice your English.


These are some of the attractions you might want to visit while you’re in London:


Free museums

One of the benefits of London’s museums and galleries is that many of them are free to enter. This is a particular bonus if your budget is tight while you’re studying at your London language school. Many museums contain interactive exhibits and interesting insights into different aspects of British life, meaning you’ll also stretch your English skills while you’re there. Some of the best free museums in London are:

  • the Natural History Museum
  • the Science Museum
  • the Victoria & Albert Museum
  • the National Gallery
  • the Tate Modern.


Big tourist attractions

London is also home to many iconic and popular tourist attractions, which do charge an entry fee but are still well worth visiting in your spare time from your English language studies. Some of the attractions you might want to visit include:

  • the London Eye
  • Madame Tussaud’s
  • The Tower of London
  • Hampton Court Palace


Parks and open air spaces

Another attraction of London is its many parks and open-air spaces. While London is a busy and built-up city, there are plenty of green spaces where you can relax and enjoy nature. For example, Regent’s Park is one of London’s royal parks and offers 100 acres of space to enjoy. It’s also home to London Zoo, which is well worth a visit. Alternatively, Hampstead Heath offers some of the most spectacular views across the London skyline, and also houses a zoo, athletics facilities and a lido.


Go to the theatre

London’s West End is famed for its many theatres, which offer world-class productions of leading plays, musicals, ballet, dance and much more. The process of booking your tickets and attending a show in the West End can also provide you with valuable English skills practice. Of course, trying to follow a show where the dialogue isn’t in your native language is also a fantastic way to practise your listening skills.


If you’re nervous about visiting any of these attractions on your own, then why not find out about your London language school’s social programme? At Bloomsbury International we offer a varied social calendar, giving you the opportunity to visit attractions and attend events with a group of like-minded students. Many activities will also be considerably cheaper if you join them through your language school’s social programme, rather than arranging and booking them yourself.

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