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Boost your Career at a London Language School London

Regardless of the field or industry you work in, learning English to a high level can be a fantastic way to boost your career prospects. In order to really improve your English for career purposes, you might choose to come to a London language school. Here you’ll be able to focus on refining your skills in an environment where you’re surrounded by native English speakers and have plenty of opportunities to practice.London Language school, business meeting, brainstorming
You’ll also find that many London language schools offer career-focused English courses, which are specifically tailored to different industries and fields of work. These will be more than just traditional classroom learning – you’ll develop your skills through plenty of practical work such as role plays, videos, authentic study texts, and work-related scenarios, all aimed at improving your English skills in your chosen area of work.

For example, you may find the following courses on offer at a good language school in London:

Medical English

This is ideal for doctors, nurses, dentists and other healthcare professionals. In a Medical English course, you’ll learn to improve your communication in medical situations, particularly communicating with colleagues and patients.

Business English

Perfect for anyone looking to further their career in international business, a Business English course won’t just cover the language and terminology of doing business in English. You’ll also learn about British business customs, negotiating, participating in meetings, and giving presentations.

Legal English

If you want to use English in a commercial law environment, this could be the perfect course for you. You could cover topics such as contract law, property law and employment law, which will all equip you to further your legal career.

Financial English

If you work in banking or finance, a Financial English course could be what you’re looking for. Whether your interest is company finance, banking operations or economics, a Financial English course should ensure you have the language skills to operate in the financial sector.

Aviation English

English is the international language used by air traffic control, so these skills are vital for anyone working in the aviation industry. A good aviation English course will ensure you have the skills to meet the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) language proficiency requirements.

Other courses available may include areas such as technology, personnel and human resources, travel and teaching. Some London language schools will offer these courses on an ‘on demand’ basis, so be sure to ask, even if you don’t see the course listed on their website or prospectus. You may even be able to arrange a one-to-one course that’s completely tailored to your needs, preferences and ambitions.

Whatever your chosen field, learning English can be a fantastic route to promotion and enhanced career prospects. So why not contact Bloomsbury International today to find out how our wide range of English courses could be the career boost you’ve been waiting for?

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