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Improving your English skills outside the London language school classroom

While you’re staying in London to learn English, your main focus of learning will of course be your classes and tutorials. These are an important time to get a good grasp and understanding of the English language, and to practice your skills with a qualified and experienced tutor on hand to guide you. However, if you really want to become confident with the English language, it’s vital to take advantage of opportunities to practice your skills outside of the classroom. As with many things, you can only really improve your English language skills if you use them!

There are so many opportunities to do this while you’re living in London. Here are just some ideas to get you started:

  • asking for the items you want in a shop, café or pub
  • chatting to staff who serve you in a restaurant or tourist attraction
  • booking tickets for travelphoto2
  • going to a play, musical or film
  • reading local newspapers and magazines
  • arranging your own trips to tourist attractions outside London
  • taking part in social activities and trips arranged by your language school
  • attending local cultural events and celebrations such as carnivals or fetes
  • going to a place of worship, such as a local church or mosque
  • listening to the radio and watching television
  • spending time with other students so you can practice your English skills together

At Bloomsbury International, we offer a wide range of opportunities for all our students to improve their English skills outside the classroom. That’s just one of the reasons why we’re one of the leading London language schools.


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