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Top 3 Favourite Places to Visit in London England (Food & Bars)

 My 3 Favourite Places to Visit in London, England

I’ve decided to write about my Top 3 favourite places to visit in London England. London is famously known for being a buzzing multicultural hub. Thousands of students travel across the globe to learn English and catch a glimpse of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, the National Gallery, the Tate Modern… The list could go on!
Favourite Places to Visit in London, England, English Flag

Needless to say, bearing in mind the above, that London is one of students’ favourite discussion topics. Conversations usually revolve around where to go, where to eat, how to travel on the cheap, weekend getaways to the countryside etc.





Here it goes:

Patty and Bun

Let me start off by saying that it is by far the best burger I’ve had in central London, England. Patty and Bun’s is approximately a three minute walk from Bond Street station and is probably one of the best kept secrets in town. At just over £10 a head, it is great value for money as the quality and quantity more than compensate for its price. All in all, a tenner well spent!

They do takeaways too! 😉

Gordon’s Wine Bar

Established in 1890, Gordon’s Wine Bar is considered one of the oldest wine bars in the city. A remnant of Dickensian London, creaking stairs and candle light make this atmospheric cellar a must-see. Wine connoisseurs will be thrilled to hear that they have an exceptionally large selection of wines at reasonable prices.

FreVd (pronounced FREUD)

Below the pavement of Shaftesbury Avenue and down a flight of steps into a high-ceilinged basement you will find one of London’s best cocktail bars: Freud. During the day it is the perfect place to have a quick lunch or a relaxing coffee with friends, while in the evening it becomes “cocktail paradise” serving the best mojitos in the capital.

To conclude, there are far too many places I love in London but throughout the years the above three have been consistently at the top of my list! So, if you happen to go to any of them drop us a note and let us know what you thought!


What are your favourite places to visit in London? Any good suggestions?

Write a short paragraph telling us why you like it and why we should go there!


Have a lovely weekend!

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