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My heart will go on…idiomatic expressions about the heart

idiomsAs Celine Dion said, quite eloquently, after Jack’s* unfortunate death “My heart will go on”, today’s article is inspired by the one and only Valentine’s Day. So in honour of “International Lovers’ Day” we’ll be looking at heart-felt English idiomatic expressions. Now, the thing with idioms is that you can never really guess the meaning by looking at the words as individual entities.

You need to learn them for what they are. A little bit like phrasal verbs. Try and memorise them by making associations with images, by relating them to a familiar situation or by coming up with your own story.

So here it goes:

  • To have a change of heart

Meaning: to change one’s attitude or decision, usually from a negative to a positive position

Example: She was going to sell her car but had a change of heart at the last minute and decided to keep it instead.


  • From the bottom of my heart

Meaning: sincerely

Example: When I said I loved you, I meant it from the bottom of my heart.


  • To have a heart-to heart talk with someone

Meaning: To have an intimate/candid talk with someone

Example: What you need to do is have a heart-to-heart (talk) with him. I’m sure he will appreciate your honesty.


  • Heart skipped a bit

Meaning: to be suddenly surprised, frightened or excited

Example: When he walked into the room my heart skipped a bit. I never thought I’d see him again.


  • To fall head over heels in love

Meaning: to be extremely in love with someone

Example: – I called Mark the other day but he didn’t pick up?

  • Well that’s classic Mark… Whenever he falls head over heels in love he seems to forget his friends exist.


  • To have a heart of gold

Meaning: to be extremely kind and helpful

Example: Kate is the nicest person I know. She truly does have a heart of gold.


*”Titanic” reference



Match the idioms to the images:



  1. To have a heart of gold
  2. From the bottom of my heart
  3. To have a change of heart
  4. To have a heart-to-heart talk with someone
  5. Heart skipped a beat
  6. To fall in head over heels in love


Have a lovely weekend!

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