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Language Learning (English Writing Exercises)

Students partaking in English writing exercisesWhen learning the English language, a variety of English writing exercises are recommended to enhance the learning experience and offer practice to the English language learner on complex topics where a great amount of repetition and practice is needed for full mastery of the topic. 

For example, in the area of finite verbs versus non-finite verbs, just to use one example of a topic that might be favorable for English writing exercises, the student learner may be asked to write a paragraph or two showing the difference between verbs in different tenses. For example an infinite verb and a past or present participle and gerund may all be used to discuss a subject in different tenses. The benefit of English writing exercises is that a large number of examples can be explored by the student and it is immediately known which areas are potential trouble spots for the learner. 

English writing exercises can also give the English language learner a firm grasp of syntax or sentence structure in the English language. Certainly, it is not enough to understand parts of speech and specific rules of the English language if one cannot apply them to real world settings and create a conversation stringing these concepts and ideas together as a cohesive whole. Writing exercises will allow the learner to use sentences to convey clear ideas in English. They can also be fun if the teaching focuses on topics that are interesting to the learner. In the online world of learning, often these topics can be customisable, providing an enjoyable, multimedia learning experience. 

You can find English writing exercises on our blog,  in libraries and bookstores, by joining writing communities, and online word games.

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