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Looking for a Room in London?

Looking for a Room in London, students in student accommodation4 things you should know when looking for a room in London

The process of looking for a room in London can become a real headache for even the most savvy of Londoners. Nowadays, it seems that the term “value for money” doesn’t mean what it used to, however, for those brave enough to face the world of landlords and estate agents we have created a list of the 4 most important things to look for before saying “I do”.

The dreaded security deposit

If you’re looking for a room in London, you must have money for a deposit. The term “security deposit” refers to the amount of money you need to give the landlord or estate agent to “secure” your perfect room. With so many people competing for that one perfect room having your deposit (usually between 4 to 6 weeks worth of rent) on standby is very important. So, even before viewing a room it is wise to ask about the deposit and ensure you have that money ready and waiting.

Bills, bills, bills!

The cost of bills can make or break a deal in this day and age. Electricity and gas a.k.a. EON, water bills, TV licensing and broadband can significantly add to your monthly costs (anywhere from £80 – £150 pcm). So, always check whether the bills are included in the rent or not. Especially if you are a student, who would rather focus on their studies, it is probably best to look for accommodation where bills are included. It makes life simpler!

photo of a modern bathroomBathroom, loo or toilet?

When flat sharing (= sharing your accommodation with other people), an extra bathroom can make all the difference. In Britain, the term bathroom is used to describe a room with a bath or a shower and a loo (= toilet). Now, imagine living with four people who all want to use the bathroom at the same time! Needless to say that the situation could become unpleasant. So, asking about the number of bathrooms in a house is very important.

Warm, warmer, warmest

One of the most important things when looking for a room in London is the heating. Many of us underestimate just how cold London winters can get, especially if you are flat hunting during the warmer months of the year. Take my word for it, when I say that winters in London are no joke, I mean no joke! It is fundamental that your new room has at least one radiator which is fully functioning and while you’re at it, you could always ask how often they turn the heating on. The last thing you want is to walk around the house with a jacket on!

bedroom in student accomodationA friend once told me that living in London is like “riding the back of a tiger” and I must say, I completely agree. Although it can be the most thrilling of journeys, you always run the risk of falling off… and we all know what happens then. So my words of wisdom: hold on tight! So, to stay ahead of the competition use the 4 tips and may the force be with you!

Have Fun with English

Look at the underlined words in the article and match them to their definitions.

  1. become a real headache
  2. good value for money
  3. on standby
  4. make or break a deal
  5. needless to say
  6. take my word for it
  7. no joke
  8. fully functioning
  9. while you’re at it
  10. “riding the back of a tiger”
  11. run the risk
  1. fantastic but dangerous activity
  2. have ready
  3. be in potential danger
  4. serious
  5. money well spent
  6. become a big problem
  7. believe me
  8. in good working order
  9. at the same time (slang)
  10. it’s obvious
  11. one decision/item can determine the difference between success and failure


Here are the answers for the have fun with English section of the blog this week

English punctuation

This is my uncle Tom; he used to live in London but he moved to Sydney last year.

I went to the cinema last night; however, I didn’t like the film.

I’ve had many jobs: teaching, administration, singing and marketing.

The trees were covered in snow this morning; it was so beautiful to see.

The Union Jack flag has 3 colours: red, white and blue.

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