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10 Reasons Why London is a Great Place to Study English

love londonWe all know that London is one of the best cities in the world to visit – it is full of culture and history, fantastic sights, a great nightlife etc. But is London a good place to study English?

The simple answer is YES. In fact, it’s difficult to find a better place to study English!

Of course money is an issue – there is no doubt that London is an expensive city. You can spend all your money on rent alone. However, there are some reasonable student accommodation options where you will have the opportunity to practise your English or you can stay outside the city centre and travel to the centre every day for your English classes, like most Londoners do! (I actually live in zone 6 and it takes me an hour to travel to work every day but this is very normal for London!)

Top 10 reasons to study English in London:

10 reasons to study english in London, students at big ben

Bloomsbury International students at Big Ben

1. You will have a fantastic time. London is famous for its cool clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes and shops so you are sure to have a lot of fun in your free time. There are also many cheap student bars so you don’t need to spend too much money.

2. London is a truly multicultural city. You will interact with people from many different countries and share cultural experiences both inside and outside the classroom. This is also a great way to learn how to understand different English accents.

3. You will meet many native speakers. Talking to native speakers is the best way to improve your English and as the city is so multicultural, Londoners are used to chatting to non-native speakers.

English class4. Your class will be full of people from different countries. Your teacher probably won’t be able to speak your language either. This may seem scary but it is in fact the best way to improve your English as you will have to speak the language!

5. You can watch TV, films and theatre shows in English. Watching TV and films is a great way to improve your English, especially your pronunciation, vocabulary and English slang. London also has some of the best theatre and musical productions in the world so you can improve your English and enjoy typical British culture at the same time.

6. There are many free things to do in London. For example, museums, art galleries, markets, parks and famous landmarks, so you really don’t need to spend a lot of money while you are here.

Students as Tower Bridge in London7. London is a safe city. Of course, like all major cities there are areas that you should avoid or not visit late at night alone. However, as long as you are sensible and alert and try to stay in crowded areas, London is a very safe place to visit.

8. You can look for a job during or after your English course. There are many job opportunities in London and some students decide to stay in the country after their English course. Many students also find work during their studies to get some extra money. Even if your English is not very good, you might be able to find a job in a local café, restaurant or shop.

9. You can travel anywhere from London. If you want to visit other cities in the UK or Europe, London is a perfect base as you can take a bus, train or plane to almost anywhere! You can even go for short weekend trips during your course. Click here to find out more about travel in and around London.

10. You will be completely surrounded by the language. Your English will improve without you even realising it as everywhere you go you will see and hear English at all times.

We also asked students from Bloomsbury International (an English school in central London) why they think London is a great place to study English. This is what they said:

“There are lots of people to talk with. Every time of day you can go out and find someone. Also, it is a beautiful city and you have time to visit everything. The climate is very good to study in – it is not too cold or too hot (especially in summer).”
Valeria, Italy

english class“In London I can learn to speak with British accent. I love the British accent. It is very different from America or Australia.”
Wonhyo, South Korea

“I meet many students with different nationalities. It is very good to improve my English every day.”
Arthur, France

“You have a lot of contact with native speakers. This makes it easier to have the language and pronunciation.”
Lujain, Saudi Arabia

“London is a very interesting city. You can combine your language course with sightseeing. If you want to study after your English course you can visit many universities. You can also see exactly what life is like in the capital.”
Claudia, Germany

“You can meet people from many other countries and have a very interesting cultural exchange.”
Jose, Portugal.


Have fun with English

Hangman is a great way to broaden your vocabulary and practise your spelling.

Try this interactive hangman website especially for ESL students:

Answers from 25th July


arrive – depart
hairy – bald

interesting – dull
neat – messy
perfect – flawed
silly – serious
tame – wild
wealthy – poor

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