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How do I test my knowledge of English Grammar, students in a classroom

Can I Test My Knowledge of English Grammar

Rhythms and Flows of English Grammar

Students of English as a second language frequently find themselves in situations where they are unsure about their command of the language. More than once, I’ve had students come up to me to ask “how can I test my knowledge of English grammar?” In return, I’ve often given them the same advice I received when I was in school learning the elements of English grammar.


When I asked my own teach how can I test my knowledge of English grammar, she told me that the most important lessons were not the ones you could get out of books or worksheets but instead were the lessons you learn by reading and writing and speaking English. By working in the context of English, we develop our knowledge naturally.

Therefore, if you are sitting at home asking yourself how can I test my knowledge of English grammar, you should do it in the most effective way possible, by reading, writing, and speaking English in contexts of areas where English is the primary method of communication. The more you read English and speak English, the more you will pick up of the natural rhythms and flows of the language and the rules of English grammar. In time, you will have an increasingly strong command of English and its rules in a natural way. Soon, you’ll be writing and speaking English with confidence and skill.


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