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Sherlock Holmes Filmed Outside Bloomsbury International!

Sherlock Holmes

On Saturday 26th July, filming of a new high profile film took place opposite Bloomsbury International. It was for a new feature film called “Mr. Holmes” starring Ian McKellan, which will be released next year .

The small street opposite Bloomsbury International (Barter Street) was closed for the day and was turned into a street from 1919, with old style signs, an old bookshop and even horses and carts!

Below you will find some photos taken on the day:


Shops were transformed into a bookshop from 1919


An old style to let sign which was put up for the filming


An old style shop sign which was put up


A view of the street where the filming took place


A horse and cart on the street for filming


Actors getting ready to perform


A horse and cart waiting to be filmed


Actors arriving on the set of Mr. Holmes


Tea and coffee for the actors was served right outside Bloomsbury International!

Don’t forget to watch out for the release of the film next year! If you are a student at Bloomsbury International, you can even say that you’ve walked on a film set!!

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