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My stay in London and my work experience at Bloomsbury International


This is me!

First of all I have to introduce myself to those of you that don’t know me.

I’m Axel RUFFIE, I’m nineteen, I live in the south of France near Toulouse, and to pass my second year at my business and management school I had to do an internship in a foreign country, that’s why I chose the UK.

You are going to ask yourself: Why England and London?

Actually, before I came here I had an idea of London, its way of life, work etc., so I wanted to do work experience in the capital of Europe mainly to discover a new country, a new way of living and working, and obviously to improve my English. Moreover, I think and I’m sure that in international business we must speak English; anyway, it’s always an important skill to speak another language than our native one.

Of course it rains a lot in London. Here is me with an umbrella made from Bloomsbury International bags.

Of course it rains a lot in London. Here is me with an umbrella made from Bloomsbury International bags.

I spent three months as an intern in Bloomsbury International, an English language school in Holborn. It’s an amazing opportunity to work in London and with the Bloomsbury team who are always here to help!

On another note, I had the opportunity to live in 4 different areas in London: Stratford, Ealing Broadway, Upton Park and Greenwich. London is a cosmopolitan city and I was lucky to be able to stay in these different areas to discover them and their individual characteristics. In three months I have had the chance to meet people, to visit the best areas in London, to taste traditional breakfast, to enjoy the sunny summer time (no I’m joking), to improve my English, and to realise that London is a really safe town and where life is good.

I’m going to leave and go back to France on 6th August; I had a really great experience here. I’ll start the third year in my business and management school with great memories of an exceptional stay which I advise you all to do!

greenwich park

My feet in Greenwich Park!

To finish, I’m going to talk about my favorite place in London: Greenwich Park, I went to Greenwich park two years ago and fell in love with it. I think that it’s a very relaxing place in London where we have a general view of London.  For the Londoners it’s a possibility to take a breath without leaving London, Amazing, no?

If you would like to do an internship in London or learn English in London, please contact us:

greenwich park

Beautiful Greenwich Park








Have fun with English

Can you match the words on the right to their opposite meaning on the left?

arrive flawed
hairy dull
interesting wild
neat depart
perfect messy
silly poor
tame serious
wealthy bald

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