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English Speaking Courses for Kids

Understanding the benefits of English speaking courses for kids

There are many ways to go about finding English speaking courses for kids in London. One can enroll a child into a language school, which will serve two purposes: First, to teach them ideas and concepts common to all children of that age group (where schooling usually begins at age 4 or 5) and second, to teach dedicated English language skills to young children who are non-native English speakers.
English speaking courses for kids, Some Bloomsbury International students attending the Natural History museum

The benefit of learning English for kids is that when a person is young, they have a much higher rate of foreign language retention than when a person learns a foreign language when they are a bit older. The reason for this is complex, and has to do with the way the human brain processes complex information and saves data in “folders” that can be accessed in the mind. Cognitive psychologists have spent many years studying these ideas and formed basic and advanced theories for delivering language training programs to young people, before the task becomes more complex and difficult for older learners. english speaking courses for kids in london

It is not at all uncommon to see a six year old from another non-English speaking country to be fluent in English, even more than his or her parents, if the parents of the child took the initiative of enrolling him or her into a dedicated English language school for children. Parents need to make this decision for their children, and learning English for kids is one of the best, wisest decisions parents of young children can make.

The opportunity to learn English in London can be hugely beneficial to a young person’s academic and social development. Discover our junior programme at Bloomsbury International, English school in central London. View footage of our wonderful classes, social programme, accommodation and school facilities, as well as interviews with Bloomsbury staff members and testimonials from students and a group leader.



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