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The French Open – Who is Roland Garros?

The Roland Garros Contest

Currently, the French Open also known as Roland-Garros is the best Tennis hard-packed surface tournament in the world in Paris, France. Each year the greatest world tennis players meet over fifteen days. This Grand Slam contest was born a long time ago and was named in tribute of the French aviator, Roland Garros. We are going to tell you about this history.Roland Garros

Roland Garros was born on October 6, 1888 in Saint- Denis, Réunion. He was a French aviator, pilot in the First World War. He was lieutenant and he died in a dogfight on October 5, 1918 .
His fame came first to his sporting achievements in aviation, and especially the first air crossing of the Mediterranean, that was performed on Sept. 23, 1913. He also developed a technique for firing through the propeller.

Today, his name is associated with the contest “Internationaux de France” commonly named Roland-Garros because it takes place in the stadium that has had his name since its construction in 1928.

The Roland-Garros, was born of a competition between America and France. It all began when Frenchmen Brugnon, Borotra , Lacoste, Cochet (the ” four musketeers “) won the Davis Cup in Philadelphia in September 1927. Wanting revenge, the U.S. decided to create an event up to the meeting in July 1928. Thus the City of Paris brought a significant financial contribution to build a stadium that can accommodate games.

Subsequently, the French stage lays down a condition: the stadium will have the name of one of its members , who disappeared 10 years ago, five weeks before the armistice. This prominent member of the French stage is none other than Roland Garros.

Thus was born the Roland-Garros contest!
Currently The Internationaux de France is the biggest tennis tournament of the tennis season on clay and the only Grand Slam still arguing over this surface. It is considered the second most prestigious tennis tournament in the world after the Wimbledon tournament although the Roland Garros tennis event benefiting the best audience and media coverage around the world.

Gael Monfils wows the Paris crowd as French tennis star holds dance-off on court at Roland-Garros
French tennis star Gael Monfils is renowned as one of the biggest entertainers on the tour – and he took it to a whole new level with a dance-off on court at Roland-Garros.

In the introduction to this 24th edition fashion
During the traditional French Open Kids’ Day, 27-year-old Monfils took the chance to show off his moves in a dance battle with his compatriot Laurent Lokoli.
French DJ, Bob Sinclar – who provided the soundtrack for the event – was impressed, using his camera phone to film the show.

Here is the crazy dance-off:

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