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My Work Experience in London

My London Work’s Experience

Bonjour, comment ça va? (With a British accent) If you are French, you can hear that often from English people! I’m currently on the second part of my gap year at Bloomsbury International, London as a trainee, until 22nd August. I’m going to work for the different departments, registrar department, sales, marketing, social programme, so you’ll meet me sooner or later.

work's experience in London, ClementMy name is Clement, I’m a French student doing a master degree in a Business School and my major is accounting and international finance. I’m from the south east of France, where it’s always sunny, you can believe me.

I’m really happy to be working for Bloomsbury International, the team is really amazing!

London is not really new for me, I lived here two years ago for 4 months. But I definitively love this city and this is why I came back. To be honest, I came also to improve my English and working in an English School is the best way, isn’t it!?

love londonI can tell you why I Love London. London is a cosmopolitan city, you can meet people from everywhere in the world, I also speak Spanish and I like speaking with Hispanic people. Moreover, the atmosphere is very cool in London mainly when you go to a pub to drink a beer and watch a rugby or football game.

I’m not going to talk too much about London or what you can do in London, I’m sure you know already a lot of things, if not you have to join us on the social programme.

Every month, we run a big selection of activities for you to join and make the most out of your trip to London. Every Monday, we have a London Walk where you can see some famous London landmarks on your very first day! Then, in the evening we take everyone to a local pub for Welcome Drinks. This is a very popular activity and everyone always has a great time making new friends and practising their English. In the video below you will see how much fun we have!

We also have lots of other activities every month, for example museum visits, markets, picnics in the park, visits to famous London landmarks and even weekend trips to other cities in the UK. You can see a full calendar of events on our website (click here). You can also see lots of photos from social activities (click here).

I hope you enjoy your trip in London and your experience at Bloomsbury International. Of course I’m available if you have any questions about London or Bloomsbury, it will be a pleasure to help you.

See you soon in London!


Have fun with English

There, Their or They’re

Fill in the gaps in these sentences with there, their or they’re

1. “Why can’t you see it? It’s right over ____!”

2. “I’ve met them before but I can’t remember ____ names.”

3. “____ are a few ingredients missing from this recipe.”

4. “Where are they? I can’t believe ____ late again!”

5. “They’ve forgotten ____ swimming costumes.”

6. “I like going to Greece but I wouldn’t want to live ____.”

7. “____ eating dinner now so they said they’ll meet us later.”

8. “I wish they would look after ____ dog a bit better.”

9. “Will ____ be rain tomorrow?”

10. “They said that ____ having a great time studying at Bloomsbury!”

Last week’s answers

Sam: Jen, are you coming to the party tomorrow? (Jen RU coming to the party tmrw?)
Jen: Yeah. Why? (Yeah. Y?)
Sam: Great. Because I want you to be my girlfriend (GR8. B/C I want U2B my GF)
Jen: I thought you liked my Best Friend Forever (I thought you liked my BFF)
Sam: No I like you (No I like U)
Jen: I have a boyfriend (I have a BF)
Sam: I don’t care. In my honest opinion he’s an idiot (IDC. IMHO he’s an idiot)
Jen: Believe it or not I like him (BION I like him)
Sam: I want you. If you know what I mean (I want you. IYKWIM)
Jen: Too much information. Let’s talk face to face tomorrow (TMI. Lets talk F2F tmrw)
Sam: I’ve never felt like this before. I love you (I’ve never felt like this B4. ILU)
Jen: Please call me now (PCM now)
Sam: Haha just kidding. You believed me? Rolling in the floor laughing. I don’t like you! (Haha JK. U believed me? ROFL. I don’t like you!)
Jen: You are definitely not funny! (UR def not funny!)
Sam: Laughing out loud. OK see you tomorrow. Estimated time of arrival? (LOL. K CU tmrw. ETA?)
Jen: I don’t know. 9pm I guess (IDK. 9 I guess)
Sam: Let me know (LMK)
Jen: Got to go. Talk to you later (GTG TTYL)
Sam: Bye for now. Hugs and kisses (BFN XOXO)

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