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How to get Student Discounts in London with an ISIC Discount Card

About the ISIC Discount Card

ISIC Discount cardThis week’s blog entry is from a Bloomsbury International student, Hongjun Kim from Korea. He wanted to tell everyone about the advantages of getting an ISIC discount card.

“Hello students of Bloomsbury International and other schools! The reason I’m writing this article is to let you know the many advantages of ISIC (International Student Identity Card). 

Firstly, you can see a musical very cheaply. With your ISIC card, you can choose any seat in a musical theatre for only about £27. Considering nice seats are over £60, it’s not expensive at all. theatreTo get a discount you need to go to the musical ticket office which you fancy watching on that day with your ISIC (not a musical ticket agency). The earlier you go, the better seat you can get, but I’ve heard that some of the musical theatres start to sell discounted tickets for ISIC holders only one hour before the performance. And before buying a ticket, please check if the musical which you want to see accepts ISIC discount. I’ve got no idea which musical offers ISIC discount, but I think that ‘The Lion King’, ‘Les Miserables’, ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘Wicked’ accept ISIC discount. And ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ doesn’t have ISIC discount policy.student discount

Secondly, with your ISIC you can buy some clothes more cheaply. You can get 10% discount at Topshop, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, etc. You can ask the staff of the shops whether you can get a discount before payment.

Finally, you can get a hamburger or an ice cream for free if you order a set menu at McDonalds, and some other restaurants offer ISIC discount as well.


Besides these things, ISIC has so many benefits that I don’t know. You can visit the ISIC website – – and see many benefits. To get an ISIC, you need a letter from Bloomsbury International or whatever school you go to. After you get the letter, visit STA Travel with the letter and a passport photo or you can apply online. I don’t actually remember how much I paid to get an ISIC but it was less than £10. But when you see a musical, you get a discount much more than £10 just at once! And it’s a kind of ID. When you get in trouble, it can prove your identity. If you are an English language student and want to enjoy your life in London, don’t hesitate to get an ISIC!”

Thank you very much Hongjun for the useful information. I hope many other students will benefit from your advice!

Here is some extra information about ISIC cards:

  • Every year, more than 4.5 million students around the world buy an ISIC discount card.
  • You can use an ISIC discount card to get discounts in more than 40,000 businesses in the UK and in over 100 countries all around the world!
  • You can get discounts in restaurants, takeaways, shops, hotels, tourist attractions, tours, museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas, computer software and even travel! Find out more here:
  • You need to be on a full time course for 12 weeks or more to get an ISIC card.shopping2

So what are you waiting for? Get an ISIC discount card and start saving today, just like Honjun did!

If you have anything interesting or useful to tell other students and you would like to be a guest blogger for the Bloomsbury Blog, please contact Sara at [email protected]

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