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My experience in London including Christmas lights on Oxford Street

In this photo you can see me (in the middle) with the rest of the Bloomsbury team

Hello Everyone! 

Today, it is one of my last days at Bloomsbury International, I am leaving next Thursday after having spent 6 great months here! 

I had a fantastic time at Bloomsbury International and I really think it’s the best English language school in London! Everyone is so friendly – all the staff and students – and I made some very good friends. I didn’t go to any English classes but many students told me that they were excellent and I can see how much people improved their English even in a short time.

So, I guess you want to know some things about London. It is an amazing city and you never have time to get bored!

First of all, you can discover many things in London just by walking around the streets. One of my favourite walks in London was all along the River Thames on the docks. You can begin at Tower Bridge and walk until Big Ben! On Saturday evening, there are a lot of little shows and a really pleasant atmosphere.

This is me with the Bloomsbury registrars when we went to see the Christmas lights on Oxford Street

This time of year, another nice walk is the one in Regent Street and Oxford Street, because you can walk in the coolness with your big coat, your scarf and gloves and discover the sparkling decorations for Christmas. Have you seen them? Hundreds of white shinny balls in the sky of Oxford Street and frozen tree branches in Regent Street. I love this Christmas atmosphere!

Another way to really enter in the British culture is to go to the markets. My favourite one was Borough Market, under London Bridge! You can go there to have your lunch (but be careful it is closed on Sunday): you will always find something which smells really good and it will not be too expensive!

The old Spitalfield Market is a shopping market where you can find fashion and/or vintage clothes and goods. If you continue your walk in the street near the market, you can enjoy the old-fashioned atmosphere: vibrant streets full of graffiti and trendy cafés and restaurants.

If, like me, you love shopping, you will find what you are looking for in London! Inevitably, you need to spend time in Primark in order to to unearth better deals. Then you can also go to Topshop, River Island, New Look, Cos, Forever 21 and many others, where you will find, I am sure, something which will suit you.

If you want to go out during the evening, there are many options I can recommend to you. Firstly, you can simply book a table in a nice restaurant and spend your evening there with your friends! There are so many different types of food in London that you will definitely find something which will tempt you. If you want to extend the evening, you can always go to a pub to have a beer, or to a club! The places I can recommend are Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus and Camden Town: if you go there you will always have a great night!

Secondly, you can also have fun by going in the theatre to see a musical. Personally I saw a lot of them during my stay and it was always very exciting and enjoyable. It is maybe a little bit more expensive than a usual outing but it is an inescapable part of London life! It is possible, however, to find really cheap tickets if you book in advance or if you buy your tickets in special ticket offices (e.g. there is a ticket office in Leicester Square where you can buy cheap tickets for shows on the same day). You can also buy tickets from the Bloomsbury International reception at special student prices.

I hope that my tips will help you to enjoy your stay in London. But there are plenty of other nice things to do in London that you might discover by yourself! Don’t hesitate to share your experiences in London on our Facebook page! You can also click here for more tips about living in London and the UK.

Me at the Bloomsbury reception

For me it is time to say goodbye and thank you to the Bloomsbury International team for their warm welcome and friendliness throughout my stay. I am going to miss you guys!  

See you soon,

And have a great weekend !

Alice Chatot xoxo

Have fun with English

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