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What is Children in Need and Who is Pudsey Bear?

Children in Need Pudsey Bear

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About Children in Need

Children in Need is a UK charity run by the BBC. They raise money throughout the year to help disadvantaged children and young people in the UK.

Every year in November, Children in Need has an appeal night where they run an evening full of entertainment, with celebrities usually making fools of themselves to help raise money. There are loads of volunteers who are there to answer phone calls when people want to donate money (in the past, this was the only way but now you can donate online, by text, by Paypal etc – there are so many ways nowadays!) Last year they raised over 26 million pounds in just one evening!

The 2017 appeal night is on the 17th November from 7.30pm on BBC One. Have you ever watched Children in Need? If not, I suggest that you do. You’ll spend most of the evening laughing and there are also some very inspirational videos of really special children all around the UK. Even if you’re not in the UK at the moment, you can still watch it on BBC iPlayer. Watching English TV is an excellent way of improving your English language skills and because Children in Need is a live show, you might even hear some idioms and colloquial expressions being used!

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What will I see on Children in Need tonight?

There are many fun things to look out for tonight including One Direction, Doctor Who, a children’s edition of Room 101, videos from the Children in Need Rocks concert led by Gary Barlow, performances from JLS, Wet Wet Wet and Tempah and the event I’m personally looking forward to the most, the cast of Eastenders performing dance routines in Albert Square! I’m sure it will be a really fun evening.

Many of the staff and students at Bloomsbury International will be watching the show tonight and donating money to the charity.

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Who is Pudsey Bear?

When we think of Children in Need, we always think of Sir Terry Wogan because he has been hosting the show since it began in 1980 and, of course, Pudsey Bear!

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Pudsey, a yellow bear with a spotted bandana over one eye, is the logo and mascot of Children in Need. He was first designed in 1985 and since then, a few features have been changed (e.g. the colour of the dots on his bandana and the design of his buttons) but he still remains the same yellow bear that we all love!

Have fun with English

If you want to explain something in an interesting way, you can try to use a simile. Similes are used to make descriptions clearer or more vibrant by saying that one thing is similar to another thing. This is a very useful English skill for language learners to have and it will make your English seem more fluent!

A very common simile uses “as … as”, for example: “The dragon flew as fast as the wind.” This means that the dragon flew very fast (using the word “wind” helps you imagine just how fast the dragon flew).

Match the first part of the simile on the left with the second part of the simile on the right. These are quite difficult so you might need to use a dictionary or ask your English teacher for help.

As busy as A bat
As timid as A board
As tough as A rock
As stiff as dirt
As quick as A beaver
As blind as leather
As common as A flash
As steady as A mouse

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