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One Small Step for Man…(The Apollo 11 Mission)

Apollo 11 Mission

This Saturday will be 44 years since the Apollo 11 Mission when the first man walked on the Moon! When he put his left foot down, Neil Armstrong declared:

Man landing on the moon

 “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

 During the Cold War, USA and USSR always wanted to show their power and domination to the world. That’s why at the beginning of the 1960’s, J.F Kennedy said that it was a necessity to do something better than Russia and create a program to “conquer space”.    

“Appollo 11” was the name of the first mission of US NASA to the moon. The goal of the mission was to do a trip to the moon with humans.

apollo 11 mission, rocket going into spaceThe crew was:
– Neil Armstrong (commander of the expedition)
– Michael Collins (commander of the module pilot)
– Edwin Aldrin (commander of the lunar module)

On 16th July 1969, the rocket “Saturn V” was launched! 4 days later, the crew arrived at the moon. On 21st July, Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon!

This is probably the most advanced technological “step” in human history!




However, did you know that there is controversy about the Apollo 11 mission? A lot of people don’t believe that it was possible for humans to go to the moon because of:

– a lack of technology (rockets and astronaut equipment not advanced enough)
– fake pictures (light too high, shadows were in the wrong places, picture quality was too high)
– fake videos (lack of sound, fake scenery)
– Americans who were desperate to do more than Russians during the Cold Warsatellite in space– Strange deaths of NASA personnel before and after the launch of Saturn V

And you: what do you believe about the controversy surrounding the Apollo 11 mission?
Do you think we have ever been to the Moon?

Space Vocabulary 

 Space Space is the area outside the Earth’s atmosphere where all other planets and stars are located.
 Star A star is a huge, bright ball of burning gas but from Earth we see it as a spot of light in the sky at night.
 Rocket A space vehicle.
 Astronaut An astronaut (also known as cosmonaut) is someone who has been trained to travel in Space.
 Orbit An orbit is the curved path of an object around a point in Space (e.g. a satellite moving around the Earth).
 Planet A planet (e.g. the Earth) is an extremely large object orbiting in a circle around a star (e.g. the Sun).
 Satellite 1. A small, natural object orbiting a larger one in Space.

2. A man-made electronic object that orbits the Earth collecting information or communicating by television/radio.

 Comet A comet is a relatively small object that orbits the sun. It is sometimes seen from Earth as a bright line in the sky.
 Gravity Gravity is the force that attracts objects to each other. On Earth, this is the force that makes things fall.
 Galaxy A galaxy is a large group of stars, dust, gas and dark matter held together by gravity.

Order of the Planets

In our solar system we have 8 planets. orbiting planets The order of the planets from the sun  is:

–          Mercury
–          Venus
–          Earth
–          Mars
–          Jupiter
–          Saturn
–          Uranus
–          Neptune 

You can use a method called “mnemonic device” to remember the order of the planets. Write an easy to remember sentence using the first letter of each of the planets. For example:

My           Very      Excellent    Mother  Just      Served   Us         Nachos!

Mercury  Venus  Earth           Mars      Jupiter  Saturn   Uranus  Neptune

You can use this method to remember anything! Next time you have a list of English words you need to remember, try to make a sentence using the first letter of each word. You will impress all your teachers and friends at your English school!!

Have fun with English

  1. An _______’s equipment is very heavy!
  2. Our planet, the _______, orbits around a huge star called _______.
  3. There are 8 _______ in our solar system.
  4. We can see a lot of _______ shining in the black _______ tonight!
  5. The commander is piloting the _______ into Space.
  6. Sputnik was the first _______ launched into _______ by Russia.

Last week’s answers

1. Bearskin, 2. Sabre, 3. Uniform, 4. Flag, 5. Trousers, 6. Belt, 7. Rifle, 8. Shoes

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