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British Culture – The Queen

This week’s topic is about the Queen.

photo of Alice

First, let me introduce myself: I am Alice, I am 20 years old and I am the new intern at Bloomsbury International. I am going to work here for the 6 next months, so if you see me in the corridors don’t hesitate to say hi: I am very friendly and I love to talk! 🙂

If you’ve just arrived in London, or if you’ve already lived here for a while, you really should know about the recent events relating to the so beloved Queen Elizabeth II! For this reason, here is some information…

Firstly, Tuesday, 4 June 2013 was a special day for the Queen:

We celebrated 60 years since her coronation! (60 years since she became the Queen!)

To celebrate, a special ceremony was organised at Westminster Abbey with 2,000 guests, including William and Kate, who are expecting their first child!

stamps of the queen

For this event, a set of stamps from the Royal Mail has been printed; they show different reproductions of famous paintings of the Queen so look out for them! (You could also buy them and keep them in a safe place – they will probably be worth a lot of money in the future!)

Secondly, this weekend there is a huge ceremony taking place in London to celebrate the Queen’s official birthday!

The Queen was actually born in April, but we prefer to celebrate it in June. Why? Because there is more chance that we will have better weather in June! (Although in England we can never be sure what the weather will be like!)

So, tomorrow (Saturday 15th June) a fantastic parade will take place called ‘Trooping the Colour’. Every guard will be wearing their most beautiful costume, we will see aircrafts in the sky and also hear some cannons. The ceremony is taking place at the Horse Guards Parade but it is too late to apply for a ticket. You can, however, watch the parade along the Mall and at the end of Green Park, but make sure you arrive early to get a good spot! (Or you can always just watch it on TV if you’re feeling lazy!) This is the most spectacular event that takes place in London every year so make sure you check it out!Trooping the Colour

Finally, I’d like to tell you about an activity I took part in this week. On Tuesday, I joined a Bloomsbury International social activity – the London Walk. With a group of students from Bloomsbury International, we walked through the centre of London, from Trafalgar Square to Westminster Abbey with a dynamic guide who shared with us really interesting stories about the monuments…

For example, I’m sure you already know the famous monument of London, Big Ben. I am sorry to tell you this but it is totally false. Actually, ‘Big Ben’ is the name of the bell which is inside this big tower with the big clock. If you want to know the real name of this tower, I suggest that you join the next London walk … and enjoy! 🙂

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