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English Learning Tips – How I Improved my English!

English Learning Tips

Hi everyone. This is Pierre-Antoine again! This week, I want to provide you with my English Learning tips.

As I told you last week, I’m from France and in France, English classes are compulsory when you are young and going to school. My English classes were fun but being a kid you don’t really study hard enough or understand how important it is to speak English when you’re older.

When I got a bit older, I realised that learning English at school is a good basis to understand and practise English. However, it is important to study in your spare time and improve by yourself too. My teachers always told me that the best way to improve my English level was to read, write, listen and speak English regularly. You can do it alone at home with some simple English learning tips: 

English Learning Tips, Improve English by watching TV

–    by watching TV
–    listening to the radio or songs in English
–    reading the news
–    using your computer in English
–    watching videos with subtitles online

That’s the best way to enrich your vocabulary and improve your concentration and your understanding! You can also buy a book of exercises to work on your grammar, reading and writing English skills. For my part, I think that this advice helped me a lot to better my English level.

Be strict with yourself

If you have the opportunity, doing trips can be so enriching. Learning English at school and practising English in the ‘real world’ are completely different! When I arrived in London, I was very worried and a bit scared by the English accent. People speak really quickly… You always have to concentrate and be strict with yourself. You should not be scared or shy to speak to people – it is the best way to practise and become better.

I’ve been at Bloomsbury International for 2 weeks now and I can already feel that my English is becoming better every day! I can’t wait to see how well I speak when I leave here in 6 months!

Do you have any English learning tips? If you have some other ideas, please leave a comment at the bottom of this article! 

Bloomsbury students on a London walk – hopefully soon they will be able to go without hats, scarves and coats!!

Last week, I promised I would tell you about the big bus tour of London which I was planning to do. But in the end… I didn’t go on the tour because it didn’t stop raining! I will wait for better weather…

Luckily, summer’s approaching and there are loads of fun social activities we’re planning in the school! What are we planning? A lot of walks through London to discover the town (St Katherine’s Dock, Tower Bridge, Hampstead), markets (Camden, Borough Market, Spitalfields Market), festivals in London and lots of picnics in the park!! 

Roll on the summer!

Have fun with English

Phrasal verbs with ‘put’

Can you fill in the gaps with the correct preposition? Ask your English teacher or look in a dictionary for the meanings of the phrasal verbs.

1. My rent is going to be put …… next year.

2. I’ll come down as soon as I’ve put …… all my clothes.

3. She doesn’t exercise anymore so she’s put …… a lot of weight.

4. The football match was put …… until next month.

5. Will you help me put …… this poster?

6. Our cat was really sick so we had to put him …….

Choose from these words: up, down, off, away, up, on.

Last week’s answers

Jobs and work vocabulary
1. A fitness trainer helps people to keep fit and healthy.
2. A zookeeper looks after many different animals.
3. A travel agent helps people to plan their holidays.
4. A chef cooks food for other people.
5. An accountant works with numbers every day.
6. A pilot is someone who flies a plane.
7. An interior designer helps people to decorate their homes.
8. A reporter reports the news on TV.
9. A mechanic repairs cars and other vehicles.
10. A florist sells flowers.

Have a good week everyone!!

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