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British Culture – St George’s Day

About St George’s Day

Tuesday 23rd April was St George’s Day which is England’s national day. It’s funny because St George wasn’t English and some people say he may never have even come to the country, but he is the patron saint of England due to his honour and bravery. St George was actually a Roman soldier and became famous because of his courage and faith. In 1222, 23rd April was declared as St George’s Day and he became England’s patron saint in the 14th Century.

The Queen of England celebrates St George's Day

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The most famous legend of St George is of him slaying a fierce dragon. It is said that there was a dragon that began to terrorise a town and forced the people of the town to sacrifice a young girl to him every day. They did this until there was just one girl remaining – the king’s daughter. When St George discovered that the young princess was to be sacrificed, he used all of his bravery and skill to kill the dragon!

st george's day flag and football supportersSt George’s emblem was a red cross on a white background and this has become the flag of England. It is also part of the Union Jack (the British flag).

Unfortunately, St George’s Day is not celebrated much in England; in fact, only one in five people actually know when St George’s Day is and more than a quarter of people living in England do know who their patron saint is!

I think it’s about time we start celebrating St George’s Day in England! If you are attending an English language school, why not speak about it in your class next week so all your classmates can also find out who St George was. You can also speak to your English teacher and ask them to create a lesson for you on English history or you can read about it yourself and impress everyone you know! If you are staying with an English homestay family at the moment, ask them if they know who St George was – you might even be able to teach English people something about their history and culture!!

The last week has been quite an important week in England. Did you see the London marathon on Sunday? It was such an exciting day and so much fun to watch. There were many professional athletes running but my favourite ones to watch were the people dressed up in funny costumes.

Have fun with English

St George’s Day word search

Can you find the words below in this wordsearch? The words are listed vertically, horizontally and diagonally!

Words to find:

St George patron saint England national day
twenty third April dragon emblem
bravery courage honour faith
Roman soldier flag Union Jack
The Queen birthday eighty seven parade
British culture history London  

Last week’s answers

Animal idioms
1.    “Stop all your ‘monkey business’ and do some work!”
2.   “Come on, hold the spider! Don’t be such a ‘scaredy-cat’”
3.    “She’s definitely pregnant. I heard it ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’”
4.    “I decided to move to the countryside to get away from the ‘rat race’ in the city.”
5.    “’A little bird told me’ that you are writing a book.”

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