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Free events in London this weekend!

Hi everyone!

This week I’m going to give you advice on some interesting things to see and do around London this weekend. And best of all, they are all completely FREE!

The weekend starts on Friday, right? So where should you go tonight? One of my favourite clubs in London is called Roadhouse, located in the Piazza, Covent Garden. I always have a great night out there and often can’t get off the dancefloor because the music is so fun! They have great DJs, a live band every night and they serve fantastic cocktails and food all night long! They also have a happy hour from 5.50pm to 7.30pm. On Friday nights you can get in for free before 9pm, otherwise you will need to pay £10.


Street Performers in Covent Garden

On Saturdays I always love going to Covent Garden to see the street performers. I don’t mean boring buskers and silent statues – the acts that perform in Covent Garden all have to audition in front of judges to make sure they’re good. You can see a wide variety of acts, including acrobats, mime artists, magicians, opera singers and daredevil stunt riders! The Piazza (where most of the acts perform) also has some lovely shops, stalls, cafes and restaurants so it’s a great place for a day out with friends!

Have you ever been to speaker’s corner in Hyde Park? Every Sunday, people can turn up and talk about whatever they want, whenever they want but the best time to go is around noon as it is usually busiest then. Speaker’s corner is located at the Marble Arch corner of Hyde Park and is a very famous landmark in London – it has been a place where people can speak freely since the 1700s!

If you fancy a good laugh before your busy week starts again, you could go to a free comedy night on Sunday. In the Camden Head (2 Camden Walk, Camden Town), five brand new acts perform alongside four established comedians every Sunday evening from 8pm. This is also a great way to improve your English listening and understanding skills and learn more about British humour!

My final (but favourite) suggestion is a new project called A Cockroach Tour of the Science Museum. Find out what it’s like to be a cockroach by dressing up in realistic cockroach costumes and going on a tour of the museum! The humorous tour will give you an insight into how cockroaches view the human race. Tours take place every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm and 4pm. It is completely free but space is limited so you will need to call 0870 870 4868 to book a place.


There are also some great things to do in London during the week. Don’t forget to check Bloomsbury International’s social programme board in the main corridor of the school (opposite reception) for a list of activities and a sign-up sheet. You can also see a full list of activities on our website – click here.

Finally, did you know that this Sunday is Mother’s Day in the UK? Are you doing anything special for your mum on Sunday or is Mother’s Day celebrated on a different day in your country?

Have fun with English

Jumble Riddles

The answers to these riddles are jumbled up. Can you put the letters in the correct order to work out the answers?

  1. What has 4 legs and a back but no body?                   HRIAC
  2. What kind of cup doesn’t hold water?                          KPEAUCC
  3. What goes up and down but doesn’t move?                TSSIECRAA
  4. What goes around the world but stays in a corner?     TPMAS

Last week’s answers

Accommodation vocabulary:

  1. Room available in quiet house. £400 pcm plus £400 deposit.  
  2. Wanted: easy-going girl for room in mixed house with new mod cons.
  3. Room to let. £575 pcm. All bills incl.
  4. 3 bed house to let. Suits students or young profs.
  5. To let: 1 bed flat. Avail. beg. Dec. Rent negot.

Have a good week everyone!!

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