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2013 – A New Year with Great Expectations


Dear All,

Happy New Year!!! I hope that 2013 brings you happiness and success. I also hope that 2013 is a year where your English progresses to new levels of competence!!!

fireDid you make any New Year resolutions? Is it a custom in your culture? Please let us know and if you have any story to tell us please send them to us. Our newsletter would love to have your story! My New Year’s resolution is………………………..nope haven’t decided!!! Plus I am a bit pants at keeping them. (We use the expression ‘pants’ to express when something isn’t very good or when you are not good at something) For example I thought that the movie ‘Hugo’ by Scorsese might be pants but I watched it in 3D and it is such a beautiful and poignant film it was far from pants!! Please you must see it if you can, a great movie!!

Please take a look at our school brochure for 2013. What is great news is that we have kept our prices the same for this year. Yes no increase! We realise with everything going up and becoming more expensive we decided to keep our course prices the same. Good news!!! So if you still want to do that IELTS course or start a new English course please come and join us. As you know we offer great value for money and we have a fantastic dedicated team of teachers who really want to help your English language skills to develop to their full potential.

Nadege has taken over the role of Director of Studies and I believe that she has got some great plans for Bloomsbury in 2013. Good luck in your new post Nadege, I am more than sure you’ll do a fantastic job. When you start your first day at Bloomsbury, Nadege will be there to meet and greet you and make you feel very welcome alongside Tony. There could also be the occasion where she might be teaching you. Great stuff!

You will also see Lucia in the office if you have not met her already. She is Centre Manager and if you have any queries regarding accommodation or need some visa advice she will be more than happy to help. So Lucia, a warm welcome and congratulations to your new post as Centre Manager!

So you are probably wondering where is Jonny!! What has happened!! Fear not I am still here and I have moved to the HR (human resources) department and even though you might not always see me I will still have my finger on the pulse. I am sure that Nadege, Tony and Lucia will help me with my blog and keep me up to date with what is happening and new at Bloomsbury. At Bloomsbury, we are a great team and work together whatever department we are in. I think that is what makes us stand out as such a special school and the fact that we really do care about our school and students. Yes I know, here I go again but we really are a great school, come and find out for yourself if you haven’t already!

So I hope to see you here at Bloomsbury in 2013.


Keep an eye on our social programme this year. Tony has some great ideas and you will have the opportunity to visit some very special and surprising places not always advertised on the tourist brochures and as we say ‘off the beaten track’. We also have a London orientation walk and welcome drinks every Monday so you will have the opportunity to get you bearings and make new friends! Our school is in the heart of London and accessible to all the important places to visit and see. I go to Covent Garden for my lunch break to do a bit of window shopping or sit in the lovely Bloomsbury Square in the summer.

If you have any questions about Bloomsbury or our courses on offer please please do get in touch.

This Christmas I have had a visitor, another cat! Mirta one of our Registrars has gone to Colombia for her holiday and so I offered to cat sit.

Princess Fiona

Princess Fiona

Well I must say what an upheaval. Fiona would not come out of hiding for almost two days! Snow and the cat with no name also went into hiding for two days. No one was eating or using the bathroom and there was a very strange and tense atmosphere. However, thankfully Fiona came out of hiding once she realised that she was safe. My cats then started coming out of the bedroom and now I think I have a romance blossoming with Fiona and the cat with no name! Fiona still is very wary of me but she is also very inquisitive and has had her nose everywhere in my flat. She lets me stroke her for a bit but then will bare her teeth and hiss at me. Quite a drama queen! So my flat has been fairly topsy turvy over the Christmas holidays. It was quite nice to get back to work and escape the cat madness!

As you can see my cat is still cat with no name. I was going to call him Bond, but he is more villain than hero!!

Anyway that is all for this week.

Have a great week wherever you are in the world.


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