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How to understand modal verbs

A big hello to you all out there! I hope all is well with the world and that you have had a great week!

A huge massive apology for missing last week.

I had a rather unpleasant stomach virus. I won’t go into details just in case you are eating but it was not pleasant. So on Friday I took the day off to recover so I could be back on form.

How have you all been? Did you miss me? Do I hear screams of yes??  Well I certainly missed my weekly blog with you all! Anyway, I am back with engines running at full steam!

A big warm thank you to Maria and Stella for their kind words about our school, they are much appreciated.

A big congratulations also to all our Italian students that passed their GESE exam last week and this week, they all did very well and should be very pleased with themselves! Today we have our final students taking the exam so good luck to them today. We are really going to miss them as they brought a great energy to our school and they were very lively.

Have you checked out our idiom of the week this week? Tony should have a new one for you later today so do check it out.

Today I was going to talk about modal verbs but first I thought I would give you a modals quiz!

1. How many modal are there in English?

2. Can you think of a modal that you would use for:

  • Ability
  • Obligation
  • Necessity
  • Possibility
  • Logical deduction
  • Disproval

3. What generally follows a modal e.g. modal + ?

4. Can a modal be followed by to e.g. model + to?

5. Is there any difference between ‘have to’ & ‘must’ e.g. I must do my homework and I have to do my homework?

Now, you can either tweet us your answers, leave your comments on my blog or tell us your answers on Facebook. I am looking forward to hearing your answers!! I will supply you with answers next week.

Tik and Tok are Tik and Tok, no change there. Except that Tik has been friendlier than she usually is and of course Tok is miffed about it and less friendly. No surprise there I suppose. However, how is this for rudeness! Tok never sits on the sofa with me or on even on my lap. If he can bear to sit in the same room as me it is on the sofa opposite. Well I had my friend Laura over at the weekend, who I hadn’t seen for ages, and low and behold, he went and sat on the sofa with her and even went on her lap, albeit for a couple for minutes! How rude. Then he walked past me tail in the air, looking smug! Cats!! who needs them. I threatened that I would lock him out one night! See then who is king of the cats!!

Well this weekend I am spending it playing Resident Evil 6 (I will think of Tok while chopping off monsters heads!!! Not really, I’m not that mean) I might go shopping depending on the weather. As you know if you are in London at the moment, winter is arriving at 80 mph!!  Don’t forget also in two weeks’ time the clocks go back; shorter days longer nights. I will remind you again nearer the time. Mind you I like dark nights as when you are at home you can get warm and snuggly on the sofa! Also great telly in the winter!

Okay peeps have a great weekend wherever you are. Good luck with the quiz and I’ll catch up with you next week!

Your friend


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