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Speaking is the best way to improve your English!

Good morning good morning good morning, or if it is another time for you good afternoon, good evening if so!


Lesson time!

Blimey what a week!! We have been preparing for our Italian groups who are joining us this September. We would like to offer them a warm welcome and hope they enjoy their stay in London with us!! They are also going to do the GESE exam, which is quite a challenge for them. Good luck and we will help them do their best. The GESE is a speaking exam (Graded English Speaking Exam) run by Trinity College London, which is a great way to focus on developing your English speaking skills and grade your development and progress. We use the GESE syllabus in our English conversation skills classes. We give you the building blocks for you to help you in holding and maintaining a conversation in different situations successfully.

Building blocks

For example a polite way to disagree with someone or how to sound interested and show it on your face even if you are not!! We also call this pragmatics which is an integral part of successful communication. If you join our speaking classes in the evening courses we use some of the GESE syllabus. It beats just talking about the weather or sport which aren’t always the most interesting topics! However, you know how much I love talking about the weather!! It’s in my blood! We can even organise the GESE exam for you, it looks great on your CV! Of course with speaking comes pronunciation and again we help you getting around some of the difficult sounds you may not have in your own language. Remember though your accent is important because it is who you are so never try and get rid of it. Good pronunciation is about being understood and not talking like the Queen!

Well what else is new? How have your weeks been? I would still love to hear from you whether you were a student and returned home, a current student or that you are coming to our school in the future to study. Remember I always want to hear from you all and know how you are doing. Plus you can practise your English writing! You know Facebook etc.!!

How did you get on with my grammar lesson from last week? Did you realise the differences between the sentences I gave you with infinitive or -ing?


stop to smoke = I stopped and then smoked a cigarette, that is why I stopped

stopped Smoking = I use to smoke until I stopped

remembered to take = I didn’t forget

remembered taking =  I have in my memory going to the bank

try telling = I am making a suggestion

try to tell = it isn’t going to be easy to do

How did you do? Not such an easy task, a huge gold star for three out of three, silver for two and bronze for one!! Learning English can be quite a challenge eh?? But it can also be fun. New lesson next week!


Can you believe that student Supat Kammarabutrdid his TOEIC test with us and got 100% that is 990 out of 990! Well done Supat, a great score we are very proud of you! His tip is ‘for future examinees is to spend as much time as possible using the language.’ A great tip Supat and thanks for the advice!

Well an update on Tik. She is addicted to yoghurt! When I eat a yoghurt she comes hurtling in to lick the yoghurt lid. No matter what flavour. Once I hid in the bathroom to open it and guess what she found me within seconds of opening it, even though I didn’t make a sound. Tok of course is disgusted by the whole thing and clearly thinks yoghurt is vile and turns his nose up at it. However, I can see that it gets his goat that she has something he doesn’t. He is quite rude to her about it afterwards and bites her bum!! Quite insulting!! If I were her, I’d box his ears!!

Okay peeps I have to dash yet again. It is now afternoon and the clock is ticking.

Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll catch up with you next week!!


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