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A hello from Tik & Tok

I hope you have had a great week and looking forward to the weekend.

Our teacher training course at TEFL London started this week so a warm welcome to the new trainee teachers. You have a tough but rewarding 4 weeks ahead of you.

A tip from me is to eat well and make sure you sleep. Not sleeping and staying up all night can end up being counterproductive and increases your stress levels. We have had a great response for the free English lessons which started this week for the trainee teachers to develop their teaching skills. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to join them. If you are reading this and think of doing a teacher training course in London with us at TEFL London, why not come to one of our open evenings to find out more and visit our school. The minute you walk in the doors you’ll love it!

Well this week I have been catching up with some of the things that have sort of slipped by due to the busy summer we’ve had. However, I am still amazed how the week still flies by!! You’d have thought that as the summer winds down (nice phrasal verb for you there!) that the time would also slow down. Wrong!! Still flying! The job of a Director of Studies in a busy language school in London is never ending. However, I do it because I absolutely, categorically love it and of course being a DoS at Bloomsbury is even better. We have become such an amazing team; we are like well-oiled wheels of machinery that work in unison! That is why you should come and study here if I don’t say so myself. Not that I am ever biased!!!

This week I’ve been racking my brains out to think of a useful grammar lesson. (Haven’t used that expression in quite a while!!! Mega gold star if you can work that one out without looking it up. Just a hint, the expression is related to a medieval torture method!!)

So I thought in the end I’d give you a challenge and get you thinking about the difference in meaning with verb + verb patterns. Ready? What I would like you to do is to think about the difference in meaning of the following (easy one to start with!!):

  1. I stopped to speak to him
  2. I stopped speaking to him
  1. I remembered to take it to the bank
  2. I remembered taking it to the bank
  1. Try telling him the truth
  2. Try to tell him the truth

If you want to send me in your answers or ideas please do so through the usual channels, Facebook, Google + etc. I would love to hear from you. The third one is perhaps the trickiest! Good luck and get in touch!

Well I know some of you wanted a Tik and Tok update so first here are some latest pictures of the gruesome twosome!

Tik ready to check her manor

Tik on watch

Tik on watch

Tik looking shy & cute!

Tok trying to look cute but not yet there!

Tok looking playful

Ready to scratch!!

Haven’t they grown? I sometimes worry they are too skinny because they never seem to eat enough. The last cat I had constantly complained of being hungry! These two show little interest. Or it could be that the cat food I buy is so boring and dull they don’t really care. I sometimes buy them cat treats and then I forget that I have bought them. I have had some sitting in my cupboards for weeks. I see them and think I must remember to treat the cats, and then I forget!!! To be honest I’d make a terrible dad, knowing me I would forget the baby in Tesco’s or on the bus!! Thank goodness I just have Tik and Tok to contend with!

Well I hope you have some great plans for the weekend. I’m not quite sure what I am up to. Of course there is the usual boring chores of housework and the tedious but compulsory trip to Tesco’s, lugging back shopping and cat litter, oh the joys of life!!!

Well today in my blog I have really spoilt you with some vocabulary, ‘lugging’ such a great word! So I hope you always have your dictionary ready, and if you want to remember new vocabulary personalise it. E.g. next time you have to carry something heavy home, think in English I didn’t enjoy lugging that home!!

They say that if you can use a word at least six times, you will have internalised it and made it easier to use and remember in the future. Not sure how true that is.

Well I am off to get ready for the forthcoming Monday.

Have a great week, enjoy the challenge and I’ll see you next week! Actually I’ll write to you but you know what I mean!

Big hugs all round.


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