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Writing – a hard thing to do!

Hello to all,

I hope you had a good week! A special big hello to Hungary who I know read my blog every week!  I hope all is well!

I have also realised that I have not let you know about our new registrar Mirta who joined us in July. She is from Colombia and has been a great addition to our team. She is always smiling and looking glamorous! We now have our own ‘Bloomsbury Angels’

Kerstin / Sarah / Mirta
Here to help, no question too difficult!

So, please do not hesitate to contact them whether it is about an English language course, part-time courses or accommodation, they are here to help you! I do not think many English schools in London can boast such a trio!

Well what is the latest with Bloomsbury that I can tell you? Tony is on holiday next week for two weeks! Have a great holiday Tony and don’t forget to send us a postcard! We are also coming near to the end of our third term and a new term will be starting shortly. So if you are thinking of starting a new English course like Business English or and exam course like the CAE or FCE please let us know.

I love writing my weekly blog and I am so impressed by how many people are reading it. I thank you!  If you have your own blog and like writing/reading them why not set up an English blog so that you can communicate with your friends, which can be a great alternative to Facebook. Also writing a blog in English is a great way to develop your writing skills. I think out of the four skills writing is perhaps the hardest of them all. When you speak in English and make a mistake it is quickly gone and forgotten but when you write something down it is there in front of you. However, don’t let this deter you. Remember it may show your mistakes but it will also help you learn from them as well and see where you are going wrong. If you ask a teacher to correct your writing for you, ask them to focus on a specific error to be corrected, like those pesky articles for example. It can be daunting having a piece of writing covered in corrections. Remember making mistakes is okay, don’t be afraid of making them, like I said earlier, we learn from them.

Thanks to Céaman for our new look newsletter, it looks great. If you want to add to it please do not hesitate to get in touch with him, he would love to hear from you!!

Remember last week I was supposed to join a gym and go for a jog, well I did go for a jog but not the gym, this week!! I did have a PS3 marathon however, great fun!! I did some more Spanish verb practice as well as trying to improve my typing skills. Mind you, it was a bit boring if you ask me and I made so many mistakes. Tik and Tok were not amused with the walk, in fact they refused point blank, all a bit embarrassing really!! They refused to budge when I took them onto the grass and bolted upstairs within seconds. I am going to try again this weekend and hopefully take a few pictures to show you. You’ll be surprised how much they have grown. They are so moody at the moment and because they have each other I am superfluous. Now that is a big word, a big gold star if you can guess the meaning without looking at a dictionary. When they are hungry they speak to me or if they want to go out the bedroom window. Sometimes Tok has a good ole’ meowing moan and I have no idea what about and it is usually at five in the morning. Tik on the other hand trills (another gold star to earn here) when she wants some attention.

Well even though this as a four day week, I am ready for the weekend! Mind you sometimes a shorter week can be more exhausting than a normal week because you have to more to do in less time.

I have just proof read my blog and OMG how many mistakes there were! A bit embarrassing and I couldn’t spell superfluous either!! Well done Tony though he got it correct first time round!! Very impressive! So even us native speakers need to check our writing so there is hope for you yet!

Well that has to be all this week. Have a fab weekend and I look forward to chatting to you next week!

Hugs all round


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