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Good news, bad news!!


Good news! It’s the bank holiday weekend and carnival weekend!

Notting Hill Carnival starts Saturday!

Bad news!  The weather is going to be pants!!! So if you are thinking of going to the carnival, take an umbrella. In fact Monday is the best day for the weather!!  And please keep your clothes and don’t do a Prince Harry!!! All a bit embarrassing!!!

So some school news for you. Our teacher training TEFL course starts on the 3rd of September and we still have some places left so please come to join us on our school open day if you are still unsure if it is the right course for you. Also starting, are our evening courses which are twice a week so a busy September for Bloomsbury. If you have any questions about either or need more information you can contact us direct or through our school website!

I’d like to wish all our students who have taken their FCE and TOEIC exams this week lots of luck!!

I hope you all get the results you want. Speaking to the teachers, I know you have all worked very hard and deserve good results. Taking an English exam is quite a challenge but they are becoming more and more important. They are now required if you want a visa to study English here or if you want to go an English university. TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS are all recognised by most universities and the UKBA. Again, please get in touch if you need any advice, we are always here to help.

How did you do with my grammar challenge last week? Let’s see if you were correct. When we are referring about a subject like education, success or life in a general sense we don’t need an article. E.g. Life in London is great. (life = life in general. Education in my example is referring to education in a general sense). We need an article when we are referring to a noun in a more specific sense. E.g. The life I lead in London can sometimes be quite hectic. (The life = my life more specific. A good education is referring to a school education in my example)

Quite tough? I agree so try and to learn bit by bit the rules and remember the rules of articles in your language may not be the same as English rules. A good tip is to read a small newspaper article. Highlight all the articles and think about why they are there and what their purpose is. Also, ask your teacher!! You can also do it with this blog!! Feel free to ask any questions!

Another grammar lesson? Let me know what you would like a lesson on and I’ll supply you with one next week!

I have had a good week this week and managed to get quite a lot done. I had to cover a teacher who was ill on Friday. It was great to be back in a classroom and the pre-intermediate and intermediate groups that I taught were great. I was also so impressed with some of the pre-intermediate students and the progress that they have made. Well done to you and keep it up! What I loved again was the eagerness of students and their participation in the lesson. Sometimes when students start at Bloomsbury they are expecting to be taught in the same way they learnt English in their own country and are quite surprised by the different tasks and activities we get students to do. Our motto is that it should be the students doing the talking not the teachers!! I realise for some students this may be strange at first, but remember the more you talk and use a language the easier it becomes.

I am brushing up my Spanish at the moment. The problem for me is remembering the grammar and using it properly. Although at the time I study it makes sense but if I don’t use it speaking, I quickly forget and I so hate Spanish verbs. Luckily for you guys I think English verbs are much easier. The toughest for you is irregular verbs.  So learning English in the classroom has to be fun and interactive so you can use the vocabulary and grammar we teach you. So don’t be shy and join in!

So my plans for the bank holiday are simple. New PS3 game Darksiders 11, relax and annoy Tik & Tok. I will also study some more Spanish, try and do some exercise and go for a couple of jogs and join a gym! MMMM what do you think? Will I join the gym or have a PS3 marathon? I am also considering taking Tik and Tok for a walk like you do a dog. I’m not sure if they will appreciate it but let’s see.

If you are reading this and in London have a fab bank holiday weekend and let us know on Facebook and Twitter what you get up to. If you are not in the UK have a fab weekend whatever you are doing.

Speak to you next week



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