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Hello again to you all

I hope that you have had a good week. I cannot believe that we have reached the middle of August already. Autumn is looming ahead, which in fact, is a time of year I really like. It is perhaps the most colourful time of the year and if we are lucky it will remain warmish in the day but chillier at nights and in the mornings. I quite like a chilly morning as it wakes me up and I feel alert and fresh.

However, it is still summer and I shouldn’t be making you feel gloomy! Autumn is still in the distance.

I’d like to say a big thank you to the students who have given us some great student testimonials about our school, it is much appreciated! Our English teachers have done a great job this summer as you can read in the testimonials! Thanks teachers! I have to also say a warm thank you to our students who have really made the atmosphere of Bloomsbury a great place to work. There has been such a positive and energetic buzz this summer, and may it continue for the rest of the year!!

Well the Olympics have come to an end and London is returning to normal. So students, this also means that all the places of interest that you wanted to visit will be less crowded and London will be easier to move around again.

TEFL London is having an open day on the 30th of August, so if you are in London and thinking of becoming an EFL teacher, why not pop in and visit us!! Book an appointment on the TEFL London website. We also have a special discount for autumn to help you start you teaching career! Who knows, one day you might be teaching here like Fleur, Christelle and Katy! We are also hoping to start a part time course also for those of you who are working. Contact Robert if you need more information.

Like the countdown to the Olympics we are counting down to our evening courses starting in September. They have been especially designed for those of you busy workers who want to improve your English but have no time in the day. So please take a look at our website or contact us if you need more information. We hope to see you in September!

Update on Tik and her kidnapping: she now thinks she is a gangsta and streetwise and a cat in the hood!

However, she is not that tough! I tried to take her downstairs so that she can get used to being outside and she cried all the way down. Mind you Tok was worse, he refused to move and cried and meowed so loudly the neighbours came out to investigate. I also saw the kidnapper on the stairs yesterday and she gave me evils!’ ‘Evils’ is a colloquial expression to say that somebody looks at you in a negative manner. It is mostly used by young teenagers but you know how I like giving you new vocabulary.

A quick grammar lesson: Articles – something to think about for the week!

  1. Education in the UK is free except for universities where you either pay or get a grant.
  2. A good education is important if you want to do well and get a highly paid job.

My question to you is why doesn’t the noun education need an article in sentence A but does in sentence B? So, who can give me the answer? I will give you the answer next week and you will see if you were right. It is a tricky one if you don’t have articles in your first language. If you want to send me your answer, please feel free to do so through the usual channels. I look forward to hearing from you on the matter!

Well what else can I say about this week, my desk is looking no better than last week I’m afraid and still looks like a bomb’s hit it. I played the Euro lottery and was so excited when I got an email to say that I had won some money. I tried my best to contain my excitement, but was almost impossible. So I logged on to my lottery account and can you guess how much I had won? £2.80!! How disappointing £2.80!! If it had been at least £10.00 it would have been alright, but £2.80 in London that just about covers one bus journey!!

My happiness and excitement was very short-lived!!

Well that’s about it for this week.

Good luck with my grammar challenge!

Have a great weekend (31o I believe this weekend!!!  🙂


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