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Learn English Grammar (A Quick Lesson)

A Quick English

Learn English Grammar,

Grammar Lesson Included

Hello to all, Friday has come around yet again and it has flown by as usual. Honestly, I just wished it would slow down. However as the saying goes ‘time flies when you are having fun’. You should see my desk, it looks like a bomb’s hit it!! (We use this simile when a place is extremely untidy). I have promised myself to get it in order by the end of the day…….mmm I doubt it, and me who is usually Mr Organised, has now become Mr Messy!! Now time for an update and a quick English grammar lesson.

London 2012 is finally warming up nicely. I cannot believe on Sunday the Olympics will be having their closing ceremony. Can you believe it, but I have had confirmation that the Spice Girls are performing! How funny!! What on earth will they be like. MMMM the jury is out on that one! (Nice expression for you there!!)

The Spice Girls

Please be patient for our weekly newsletter, we are going to re-launch it very and make it much more student centred with contributions from our students. So please, if you would like to add to our newsletter or would like a particular article or story please let me know.

This week we have to say goodbye to Alastair as he is going to prepare to start his PGCE in September. I am sure he will do well and we will miss him. I have no doubts that he will continue to be a great teacher. A warm welcome to Coralie, Joe and Matthew who have joined us for the remainder of the summer.

Time for a quick English grammar lesson:


Quite often when I say good morning to students and ask them how they are the often say ‘I’m very fine.’ What they should say is ‘I am fine thank you’ or ‘I am very well’. There is no easy explanation. ‘Fine’ when used to describe a person’s condition cannot be used with very. However, ‘very fine’ can be used with a noun, e.g. ‘a very fine bottle of red wine’ or ‘a very fine young man’. So, next time students, ‘very well’ = I’m feeling great or ‘I’m fine’ = I’m feeling okay, not great but not bad either!

TEFL Teaching Training

Today we are also re-launching our TEFL London website. It has had a completely new face lift and if I say so myself, it looks fantastic. TEFL London is a teacher training course for people who want to teach English as a foreign language. The courses are full-time of 4 weeks or part-time of 14 weeks and at the end the trainees are awarded a Trinity Cert TESOL certificate which is necessary if you want to teach English. A recognised course like the Trinity Cert TESOL course is a requirement for any language school both here and abroad alongside a degree to teach English. The course not only teaches teachers how to teach English but it also gives them the skills to manage a classroom and make their lessons interesting and fun. Teaching grammar for example, is not always easy and it is crucial that teachers know their language, which is quite a challenge. Look at the at my quick grammar lesson as an example!! Fleur who is one of our teachers did the course over two years ago. She has just passed her DELTA which is the next stage of training as a teacher and has a promising future career in the EFL industry. You will be able to read about her story on the new website! So if you want to be an English teacher our teacher training course will be the start of your journey! Contact Robert our Head of Teacher Training if you have any questions. Remember you don’t have to be English to do the course, however, if you are not a native speaker you have to be proficient!

So, now it is time for some drama with more English grammar

Well, last weekend I had huge shock, Tic was kidnapped!!! Yes, you heard correct, kidnapped!!! They were out on the balcony as usual and sometimes they go down one floor and get lost. I know, I know it is ridiculous if you ask me. It is not exactly far, one floor down to get lost!! Anyway, Tok came up to say Tic was lost in his usual Tok manner. I went to look for her but no Tic. However, I could hear her meowing. So I walked along and there she was at the window of a flat trying to escape.  I knocked on the door and a rather rude looking woman answered the door:

Rude looking woman: What do you want? (Staring at me in a scary way)

Jonny: My cat is in your flat.

Rude looking woman: What cat? That is my cat, you must have made a mistake!! (shutting the door)

Jonny: But it is my cat, you have made a mistake.

Rude looking woman: You’ve made the mistake, now bog off (=go away and also quite a rude expression!!)

Jonny: I don’t think so! (Now looking quite cross) If you want I can call the police, as she has been chipped.

Rude looking woman: (looking now even scarier) Oh, I must have mistaken him for my cat, he looks exactly the same!

Jonny: Really? I don’t think so, and excuse me, he is a she!!!

I then picked up Tic and quickly walked off and reunited her with Toc. How rude!!! If I had not caught her in time poor Tic would have been sold!!! White cats with blue eyes are quite rare and can be sold for a £200.00 or more!! Let’s hope Tic has learnt her lesson: Don’t talk to strangers!!!

Our evening courses are now up on our website so please take a look and if you want more info about them, feel free to contact us. They start in September so please let us know if you are interested.

Well that is enough for this week. I hope you enjoyed my English grammar lesson. Whew, I’m exhausted with all the drama and the Spice Girls!! Operation Desk Tidy is about to take place.

Have a fabulicious weekend!


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