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Historic London 2012, Historic weather!!

Hi every one,

I hope you are all having a good week and enjoying the summer, well if you can call it that here!! London 2012 has been by far the wettest in history!! It is making people grumpy and feeling blue! Even poor old me!!!

English summer & feeling blue

A bee hive

And sadly, it is likely to remain that way so being in your English class and learning English is your best bet!! The school is a hive of activity (see picture for clue) with a great atmosphere. So for those students with us, a big thanks for making the school feel a great place to work, and for those who are going to join us, you’re going to have fun.

Well today I had to teach this morning, it was great to be back in a classroom as well as getting to know students better. I must admit I did feel a bit rusty but soon got back into the swing of things so students thanks for putting up with me!! My heart went out the TOEFL exam students. I did a listening test with them. The subjects were not exactly inspirational. However, one student was so positive and said at least you learn something new. Exactly right she was!!

A student has asked me for some more cockney rhyming slang after me using can you adam and eve it. Well how about, by the end of the day I am so Hank Marvin I could eat a horse (expression). Last weekend I had my barnet cut. Translation: by the end of the day I am so starving I could eat an enormous amount of food. Las weekend I had my hair cut (Barnet Fair = hair but we omit the word fair).

Well what more can I tell you this week…..Wimbledon, we almost made it! Story of our lives at the moment in some areas of sport!! Madonna fever is hitting London as she is about to do her one and only London concert this month. Don’ forget to bring an umbrella and boots Madge!! (a nickname we use for her!) I wonder what scandal she will try and bring. Bless her, she is getting on a bit maybe she should calm down a bit!!

TEFL London starts its new course next week. So congratulations to the trainees who passed this week and a warm welcome to those starting next week .Here’s Katy and Sarah talking about the TEFL London course. Katy is now working with us, so well done Katy!!

[wpvideo 1hRdKgFs]

Our summer term is already in week three and it feels like week one!! Before I know it summer will be over, I will be white and pasty due to lack of sun. Okay I must admit I am a bit grumpy today. I am bit like a bear with a sore head. I have quite a lot to do today and the clock is ticking!! I just wish I could stop the clock sometimes!

Bear with a sore head = grumpy

Enough of my moans and groans, to be honest I shouldn’t have anything to groan about but you know……………………….. any way students ignore my grumpiness, student life is great at the moment in London, so if you are not already with us do come and visit!! Our English pubs are waiting to serve you a cool glass of  beer or a nice cool lemonade, our summer courses are buzzing and we would like you to be part of an historic year in London!! How cheesy was that!!! Now I’m less grumpy!!

 Catch you all next week!!


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