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Good day to you all and a big hello from us!

Well I must say I had a much better week.

First let’s start with the weather! What has happened!! Where is summer!!! Wednesday the 20th is officially the first day of summer and so far I am not impressed. The only good thing (dictionaries at the ready) is that the drought is over, which is especially good news for gardeners in the south east of England. My balcony on my flat is looking green and healthy but in desperate need of some sun.

Okay enough of my moaning about the weather! We are almost at the end of our second term and our new term starts on the 2nd of July. This means that we are changing our course books and some of the books we are going to use are New English File, FCE Results, IELTS Masterclass and New Cutting Edge. Also in the new term we will be starting our TOEFL classes. Also just to remind you for those that are already here and those that are going to join us in the future, please take a look at our student handbook, weekly school newsletter written by our teacher Céaman (he will update what is going on in London and the school) and of course our school brochure so you can find the perfect course for you.

I need also to clear up an issue that seems to be confusing some people.

Student:              Can Bloomsbury sponsor TIER 4 students?

Bloomsbury:      Yes!!



We are approved by the UKBA to sponsor TIER 4 students under the points based system. This is a visa for students who want to come to the UK to study for more than a year. To apply for a TIER 4 visa, students’ level of English needs to be minimum B1 (Intermediate). We are ‘A rated’ by the UKBA at present and in just under 12 months we will be eligible to apply for HTS status. Whether a school is ‘A rated’ or are ‘HTS’, they are both equally eligible to sponsor TIER 4 students. If you have any questions or need information please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. We are currently preparing a special visa page on our website that will tell you all you need to know if you wish to apply for visa and the type you need to apply for. The minute it is online I’ll notify you, hopefully it should be up by Monday.

Last week I promised another interview this week. So here are some students being interviewed please meet:

[wpvideo Lx7VKoVU]

Thank you so much guys for doing the clip for us, it is much appreciated and we love having you at our school you are all great students. A huge big thank you also to Claudia, who made us some delicious cakes and sweets. My belly has expanded even further!

Next week TEFL London starts a new course so a warm welcome to the trainees and good luck!! If want to know more about the free English lessons for the teacher training course please get in contact with our registrars.

My friend has got free tickets for the Spiderman premier, which takes place on Monday the 18th in Leicester Square and I am so jealous. My top three favourite comic characters are Spiderman, Batman and Superman.

Not in that order but all great characters. If I could choose to be one of them, definitely Superman. I like the idea of flying and he has more powers than the rest!! How about you? I am also looking forward to the final Dark Knight film coming to the cinemas very soon. If you go to Leicester Square on Monday evening you will be able to see the film stars on the red carpet for Spiderman and I am quite sure there will also be lots of special effects! It is also a fun evening to do something different! If you decide to go, do let me know how it went and any photos would be great!

Well time flies when you are busy. I still cannot believe how quickly one week finishes and another one starts!

Tik and Tok are well. Tok has learnt how to open my window latch.  I was shocked when I got home and saw that he had opened it. Thank goodness no burglars were about!!

I hope wherever you are in the world that you have a great weekend. I have no special plans myself apart from the usual weekend chores of shopping and housework! Unfortunately the weather isn’t looking promising either!! Dull dull dull!!

Catch you next week


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