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A Short week! Short Blog!!

Hello to everyone from Bloomsbury International,

Well this has been the shortest week ever. I can’t say I like a three day week as you have to spend time catching up so you end up doing 5 day’s work in 3!! Well what about the weather of the last few days!! Don’t get me started! In fact I am going to completely ignore it! Let’s move on quickly! (Weather officially ignored!!)

Busy Bee

As you know I’ve been making some short school videos to introduce you all to our team on my blog and our school website. Well this week we were meant to interview Shabir in our accounts department but unfortunately I cannot as Tony (AKA the new Clark Kent) is away as he is moving to his new flat. (Good luck with the move Tony) and I have a trillion meetings this week (A slight exaggeration perhaps!!) and been such a busy bee!! I promise one for next week.

However, here is our students Kyohei saying hello and looking very cool! He is a great student and fun to have around the school! Have a great weekend Kyohei!!


We are currently preparing a more detailed and longer online English test so watch this space! When you arrive at the school on your first day we will ask you to do the test and we will keep a record of your test score. What is great is, after your course finishes, you can test yourself see your improvement. When you return home you can continue learning English from home and use our test to improve your score! Everyone’s a winner!

Well people like the week my blog is going to have to be short…I have a meeting in 20 minutes. I need to prepare for our new students arriving Monday! AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGG!!!!

Have a great week.

Sorry for the shortness!!!

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