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Summer in London at Last!

Good day to you all,

I hope you have had a good week. For those of you in London I hope you have enjoyed basking in the glorious sunshine we have had! Long may it last!

Early start with dictionaries this week! This picture will help

By the way this is not Tik! Not pretty enough!! But definitely basking in and enjoying the sun!

Well the weather in London has been great and the Chelsea Flower Show had their wish come true for a few days without rain! I hope it lasts for the Queen’s Jubilee. Nothing worse than a wet tea party! Check out your neighbourhood for any street parties taking place for the Jubilee as there will be hundreds all across the UK and a great excuse to be part of a special celebration! Take a look at this website for more information: It will also be a great opportunity to meet new people and practise your English! This week across the UK you will see an increase in union jacks flags & bunting.

Flag & bunting

With the warm weather students can sometimes miss their English lessons and prefer to sit in the parks!! No!! This is very naughty and if you are a student here we will be chasing you up as we expect all our students to attend ALL their English classes, whatever the weather! Remember your English courses are important and you have travelled and invested time and money so don’t throw it away. A little discipline is all that is needed and of course we will help to motivate you to continue your English lessons!

Tony, who is our ADoS (assistant director of studies), is going to start ‘an idiom of the week’ from next week. It should be on our website, Twitter and Facebook from Monday so keep a look out. We reckon that if he does one a week it will take him two years or more to do all our idioms, if not more!!

Today I have reached a terrible number and ‘50’ has been banned from the office. Of course I feel like I am still twenty but unfortunately the face and body are not quite matching! I cannot believe I have now lived half a century. I’ll be having a Jonny Jubilee very soon at this rate!! Watch this space! Tik and Tok are quite unsympathetic about the whole birthday thing and have not even wished me a happy birthday! How rude!

Each week I am going to try and introduce to you all the different staff at Bloomsbury. Yesterday Tony was kind enough to interview Sarah our new registrar. I cannot believe she has been here four weeks already!! You are doing a great job and we love working with you!

[wpvideo LfdEYsx1]

I am not sure that the newspapers will be knocking on Tony’s door just yet either. Not quite Clark Kent yet Tony but I am sure you’ll get there!

Clark Kent AKA Superman not yet AKA Tony!

Sarah will be able to answers your questions whether they are about things such as student accommodation or student life in London so please don’t hesitate to ask her!

Well next week is going to be a busy week and then the week after it is the bank holiday weekend for two days!!! Clearly the week will be dominated by the Queen’s Jubilee but I will also investigate what more you can do over the very lovely long weekend.

Well as usual my time is up and I need to get this to the lovely Yukiko who helps me out so much with getting my blog online in time.

Great weekend folks wherever you are and catch up again next week! I’m going to spend the weekend moaning about a certain dreadful number and pretend it never happened. I might even watch the Eurovision Song contest!!

Catch you later


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