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Best language school in London

Hello to everyone around the world and beyond,
Welcome again to the best language school in London, in fact the world, even better the universe if I don’t say so myself!
Have I gone mad you think, no it is just that I am feeling universal today. I think it is because I am gearing up for the summer and ready to welcome all you students out there that are going to be joining us for the summer and beyond!! Don’t even get me started on the weather! I refuse to talk about it this week!
Mind you if we did have a visit from extra-terrestrials (aliens) I am sure Bloomsbury would be their first choice! Okay I have been playing too many PS3 games!

Enough on aliens! I would like to wish a massive good luck to our students who are taking their IELTS exam next week! We hope you do well and get the scores that you need. I am sure you will. Dicky is our key IELTS teacher and if you ever have any questions about the IELTS test please tweet him #IELTSHero. Don’t forget also we are an English exam centre in London for TOEIC should you need to take a TOEIC exam.

We would also like to say well done to Fleur and Dicky who are doing their DELTA qualification and have almost finished. You are almost at the final furlong so keep going we are all behind you!!  (I hope a dictionary and the pictures will help)

Last week I promised you a welcome clip to let you know what happens on your first day when you arrive at Bloomsbury. Well please do not laugh but here it is. Remember it was unrehearsed and my first attempt as a filmmaker!! I do not expect I will be receiving a call from Steven Spielberg somehow. Maybe I will in the future! I can dream of course! When I asked Naoko, who very kindly edited and put it together for me, what he thought, he gave me a very kind but sympathetic look! I don’t blame him! A big thank you though Naoko for being so helpful, we really appreciate your help!!

[wpvideo Z7bznCmR]

 If you want to add any comments or suggestions to my film making or want me to add anything else in my next attempt please let me know. You know the drill: Facebook, Twitter or comment on my blog. I promise an improved second attempt!

However, I do hope that the clip shows that we are a warm and welcoming school and that we really care about our students. One of the things that I love about Bloomsbury, and why I want to work here, is that not only do we care your English improves and that your English lessons are interesting and make learning a language fun we also care outside the classroom. We like to create a warm friendly environment that makes your stay with us memorable!

Well next Friday is my Bday so I might be a bit grumpy as I am not a fan of getting older! Who needs to be reminded!!

Well my little earthlings I hope you have a fab weekend (not going to talk weather) wherever you are!
Queens Jubilee coming very soon so I’ll give you an update on that!
Toodle pips (a bit of an old fashioned way to say goodbye and showing my age!!) and speak next week!


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