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Learn English: Speaking Naturally

We had a request for tips on English speaking exercises and where to find them.


The best speaking exercise you can get is using English in as many natural situations as possible. Of course studying English in an English School in London (and of course with us at Bloomsbury I hope!!) is the best exercise as you will have many opportunities to speak English in all situations from buying a tube ticket to buying milk at your local grocery. If you are in your own country try and find a friend who is also learning English and agree to try and talk for thirty minutes or more. Make sure you have something interesting you want to talk about. It can be as simple as the last music you listened to or as complex as discussing your thoughts on world politics. Or like me talk about your favourite PS3 game!! (I’m still playing Mass Effect 3!! Totally addicted!!)

Learning English, Group of people talkingJust make sure you keep it at your level. Even better is to make friend in other countries and then SKYPE them, it’s a great way to improve your English and beats (of course you don’t think I’d do a whole blog with you reaching for your dictionaries!!) speaking exercises that aren’t natural. Remember communicating isn’t just about words, how we use our face, body and intonation play a vital role in expressing meaning.

I hope all reading this are well and enjoying your week! I am a bit rubbish as I meant to blog mid-week but never had the time! The life of a Director of Studies is a pretty busy one. Great news is that Nadege has become our second ADoS, which is great for me and of course Bloomsbury! Hopefully I will be able to blog you more often and keep you even more up to date in Jonny’s world at Bloomsbury and beyond!

I cannot believe how Fridays come around so quickly, mind you it was a four day week this week! If you have been watching our website you will notice that in our newsletter we have been giving weekly study tips from our teachers. if you have any questions or want any specific tips please let us know and we will do our best.

Happy Birthday to TIK and Tok, today they are celebrating their first birthday. Mind you this morning they grossed me out.
They were playing with a fly!! In the end I think Tok ate it. Yummy!! Please don’t try this at home!!! When I get home I have a special treat for them, a new scratch post but now after this morning I should have bought them a jar of flies!!


Scratchpost for cats

This weekend I am going to treat myself as well and buy a couple of new shirts now that summer is slowly and I really do mean slowly coming!

Well I hope you all have a great weekend. Remember if you need any tips please let us know. You can tweet us, send a message on Facebook to our teachers or send me comments on my blog. I’ll catch you next week. I am going to make some video clips next week on my ipad so watch this space!

Speak to you all soon and thanks for reading my blog!!


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