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A ‘sick’ School for summer 2012!!

Hello everyone from around the world,

I hope all is well! This weekend is a bank holiday weekend so I hope if you are in the UK you have something planned. Be warned the weather is not going to be at its best!

The London 2012 Olympics are fast approaching and London is gearing up (Dictionaries are needed here) ready for the millions of visitors who are going to to hit our doorstep. I think it will be great for London and the UK especially with all the problems with the economy both here and abroad. Here at the school we will you keep you updated with all the events and news.

Lonson 2012, Olympic Stadium

So if you want to learn English in the summer London is definitely the place to be and of course Bloomsbury International would love to have you at our school. Studying English in London is the best way to immerse yourself in the language and culture. You will hear things that you would not find in coursebooks or on TV!

My favourite place to ‘eavesdrop’ is on the tube! It is a great way to people watch without being noticed and even for me to pick up new words. English is constantly changing and when you hear young people talk it is amazing the new expressions and vocabulary they use like for example ‘sick’ which literally mean ‘vomit’ but used to mean great. For example ‘What she was wearing was sick’ I believe sometimes it is spelt ‘sic’ when texting.

Of course Bloomsbury International is a great school to study and learn English and definitely the place to be in 2012! In fact I think it is one of the best schools in London as we are care so much about our students and that they learn English in a positive and lively environment. So if you are already in the London and reading this I hope you are enjoying your stay with us and if you are reading this and thinking of coming to London for the summer, please join us! We are in the heart of London so everything is on your doorstep from pubs, clubs and theatres to Covent Garden and Oxford Street for fantastic shopping.

We also near Bloomsbury Square which is a great open space where you can meet you fellow students for lunch and enjoy the sunshine. I know we haven’t had too much of it lately but I am sure it is on its way. Please take a look at our website and any questions you may have please drop us a line. Our teachers are sick, dedicated and most importantly will help you learn English in the best way possible.
We had a sad week this week as we said goodbye to Nelly and Yoko two of our registrars. We will miss you both and wish you all the best for your future. We would also like to say a big welcome to Sarah our new registrar and also to our new teacher Cathy who joined us this week. I am sure they will be a great addition to our team. Take a look at their profiles on our webpage.

My weekend isn’t looking too exciting. I neglected my housework last week so need to ‘get the marigolds out’ (you will need to ask a native speaker or your teacher for help with this expression). I am massive gaming fan and at the moment playing ‘Mass Effect 3’. I spent so much time playing it last weekend hence the lack of housework! The game I am really looking forward to coming out is ‘Resident Evil 6’. My favourite in the franchise was 4 and of course who could not enjoy the Batman games. I use to be a Superman fan but Batman has finally toppled him.  I also recently bought a 3D TV so as you can imagine little time for domestic duties. I do not think Tik and Tok are too impressed. Especially when I am wearing the glasses. Mind you they do attack the TV when I play some games! I’ll try and record then next time it is quite funny.

Well as it is Friday I have to go and prepare for next week. Have a great bank holiday to those in the UK and those not, have a nice weekend and a great week and hope to see you here one day at Bloomsbury!!

Have fun!!


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