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Meet the team!!

Good day to all,

I hope you had a busy and eventful week. I completely forgot but Monday was St George’s Day. So you may have noticed a few flags flying! A belated (dictionaries here please!!) happy St George’s Day!!!

I thought this morning I would introduce to some of our English teachers and registrars. So say hello to Nelly, Yoko, Boris, Xavier, Tony and the rest!

[wpvideo 5SCx39uJ]

So if you are thing of joining us to learn English you will recognise some of your teachers already! If you go to our website you can also do our English level online test and test your level. It is a good idea to keep the score and if you complete a course you can re-test yourself at the end of it to show your progress. We also keep a record of your test when you arrive to that your English teachers will have a good idea of your strengths and set some goals for your language learning and development.

Well the weather has been pants for the whole week and seems to be showing little improvement. I am very disappointed with not getting any brolly pictures as requested!! Please send me some either via Facebook or Twitter!

We have had a busy week here at Bloomsbury, especially in the mornings but that is what makes the school fun and a great place to work and I hope for students a great place to study and learn a language. Language plays such an important role in today’s world whether it is for socialising, business or studies. Today’s technology means that the world’s population can communicate easily with each other and of a lot of that is in English.  So of course our students come to Bloomsbury with lots of different reasons for learning English. This is one of the reasons I love my job. Every morning when I sit at my desk and watch students come in and say good morning it always makes me feel happy! I am doing my MA in ELT and Applied Linguistics and I am always amazed about what I still don’t know about the English language and the complexities of learning it. So students of the world, keep on studying and achieve your goals whether they are big or small! If we can help you on the way in achieving them even better!!

OMG look at the time!! That is enough of me rambling!! (dictionary!!!)

I am so late writing  my blog today and Yukiko  leaves at 5.00 so I need to sign off now.

I will write again in the week.

Great weekend and sorry for rushing off!!


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