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Unlucky for some (especially the weather!!!!!)

Good day to you all. I hoped you missed me last week!! Well here I am back again. I am going to blog more regularly so watch this space!!

I hope for those in the UK,  you enjoyed the long bank holiday. Unfortunately the weather went from winter to spring/summer and quickly back again to winter. Typical British weather, don’t be surprised if you see snow! Mind you the weather here is so unpredictable that is probably why we talk about it so much!!

Finally at last, on Monday the 16th, our FCE class is starting so if you want to ask me any question about it please let me know.

For an English language learner it can be a nice change from a general English class. The main focus is on the four skills: reading, writing speaking and listening. However, it is also great for vocabulary such as collocations, grammar (especially ….dictionary at the ready…. those pesky prepositions) and of course it is another great way to learn English.  By the way it also looks great on your CV.

Students often ask is there a big difference between British English and American English. Pronunciation is a big thing of course but there is also vocabulary. Here are some American words for you: trunk, French fries, drugstore, vacation, trash can, diaper, gas. What do you thinkare  the British English equivalents? Try to see if you can guess before looking them up! Once you do, you can see their can be quite a difference. It is always worth keeping a record in your vocabulary book!!

Today!!! If you are superstitious then you’d better watch out!! I am not really superstitious but I must admit I don’t put new shoes on a table. The superstition of new shoes on a table is meant to be unlucky. It can mean a family argument or risking the death of a family member!! Spooky!!! Mind you saying that I don’t really believe it but it is something I don’t do, like for example walking under a ladder!! I dare you to try walking under one!!!

This week Tik and Tok were 11 months old on the 11th of April so next month they will be celebrating their first birthday. It is also my birthday next month so maybe I will have a joint party!! Seriously, a cat party!! I don’t think so!! At the moment they are not best of friends. Tik is quite skittish (dictionary!!) and runs if anything is out of the ordinary (you might need help with this expression) whereas Tok will take on anyone and anything so tends to be a bit of a bully to Tik. It’s like having two squabbling (dictionary!! the verb is to squabble)teenagers!!

Wrap up warm this weekend it is going to be a chilly one. Have a good one whatever you are doing, for something different, try visiting Colombia Road Flower Market early on Sunday morning! I’ll catch up with you in the week!

Take care


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