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Sunny Weekend

Good day to you all,

The weekend is here and from the weather forecast it looks like it is going to be warm and sunny this weekend! 20 c or more so I believe! I am so looking forward to having a long run in Hyde Park on Sunday morning.

Don’t forget this weekend the clocks spring forward one hour at 2:00 am on Sunday morning! We lose an hour but the day will feel longer and lighter.

I hope you have had a good week and have been studying hard and enjoying studying here in the UK. One of the advantages of studying in London is that it gives you the opportunity to practise speaking that you may not have in your own country. However, students still sometimes ask the question ‘How can I speak English more often?’ or that they don’t get enough practice. Try and hang out with other students who don’t speak your language. Join activities like for example the social programme. Our speaking skills electives are another great way to build up your confidence by giving you the skills that you need for successful communication. Don’t forget the more you practise using your English, you will also notice that your fluency will improve. But also be patient; remember learning a new language and becoming confident to use it takes time. I mean Rome wasn’t built in a day!!!

Tik & Tok

Tik and Tok are now almost one year old and driving me bonkers. They think that they are preparing for the 2012 Olympics and are jumping and running all over my flat like mad things. However, in this picture they don’t look exactly like they will win gold!!! Can you spot my pet robotic dinosaur in the picture? They hate it when it moves but it is really funny to watch. Next time I will try and get a video clip for you to see!! They will be so embarrassed!

Next week is the last week of the first term and our new second term starts on the 2nd of April. Your teacher will talk to you about this next week as our coursebooks will be changing and you might need to change your level. Remember; if you need any learning support please remember to speak to your teacher to arrange a tutorial with you. Your education and learning are important to us and we want the best for you.

Well I have to dash as you Friday is busy busy busy.

A goodbye and good luck to our students leaving, we hope you had a great stay with us and please stay in touch! I look forward to meeting our new students arriving Monday.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine!


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