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How to learn English – small tips from Jonny

Hi everyone!!

It’s me again and another week has flown past!

A warm welcome to all our new students and I hope that you have had a good week here at Bloomsbury International. Remember to buy yourself a note book that you use just to record any new vocabulary that you have learnt and keep a separate one for grammar. Use headings such as sport, films etc. so it is easier to find them later rather than just a long list.  Use simple pictures and definitions to help you remember! Students always tell me that speaking English is always difficult and remembering to use the new vocabulary they have learnt. My advice is practise practise practise whenever you can. Chat with new classmates in the cafeteria, join our social programme (this week it is the Saatchi Gallery) and remember we have a conversation skills programme that can be a great addition to develop your English speaking skills. Ask reception for more information.

Well the weather is improving and spring is just around the corner. My favourite times of year as it means the days are getting longer!

pancake day

Pancake Day

I hope those with partners had a happy romantic Valentine’s Day… Tuesday is shrove Tuesday commonly known as pancake day…..they taste delicious with sugar and lemon!

I’m sure any of our teachers will tell you more and give you a recipe.

Remember last week I said I would introduce to my cats Tik and Tok. Well here are the latest cat photos of Tok. He is 10 months old and fallen off my balcony twice! He loves free running and sometimes gets a bit too excited. Typical cat behaviour at his age!! He thinks he is spidercat!! Next week you will meet his sister Tik… will be quite surprised!

cat picturecat photo

Don’t forget any questions about your course please ask! My door is always open! Our IELTS class is doing fantastic and I hope to have a midday class opening soon as well as Business English so watch this space.

Thanks for spending time reading my blog…again I have to dash as you know a busy London school like Bloomsbury keeps me on my toes! (See if you find the meaning of this expression….send me a reply and I’ll tell you if you were right!!)

Have a great week and I look forward to our catch up next week!


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