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Welcome to My First Blog!

Welcome to my first blog!

My name’s Jonny and this is my first blog. As you may know I am the Director of Studies and run the academic department of our school. One of my roles as Director of Studies is to make sure all our English language courses are delivered to a high standard and so please let me know any comments that you may have regarding your course or whether you have questions or need information about our Business English courses or exam courses.

photo of Jonny, my first blog


a daffodilWell, let me tell you about February so far. I cannot believe how fast it is passing. Watch out for the daffodils which will soon be sprouting!

Last Wednesday, Boris, who runs our social programme, went to Camden Market.  Please go to our Facebook and Twitter pages to see some photos. Great fun was the feedback but it was freezing. However, the atmosphere of the market soon made them forget about the cold. This week he is going to Covent Garden so please do join him. He knows a lot about London and students always report back how much they enjoyed their afternoon. Please speak to Boris if you want information about our social programme events.

social programme

Student in Camden Market

Something to know about me, I don’t really like football but support Chelsea where I was born and I have two cats called Tik and Tok, who by the way, are behaving very badly at the moment. Pictures to follow next week’s blog! I’ll tell you more about them at a later date!

Our teacher training course started this week so good luck to the trainees and I hope they will make great teachers. Our free English lessons are full for this month but we run courses throughout the year so please contact reception.

My goodness is that the time, Emma is about to start her one to one lessons and needs my help so got to dash!

I’ll catch you next week


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